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Dream Polish Top Coat and Cuticle Balm Review

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Today I will be providing a review on a few products from My Dream Polish that I have been using over the last few weeks.  Vanessa (owner of My Dream Polish) is a local here in Arizona and asked me to pick a few products to try out.  I selected a top coat and cuticle balm.  The following are my thoughts on the products she sent me.

First up is the product she kindly sent as an extra: a glass file.  I will be honest - I have had an issues with glass files - they scare me.  I know, I know - I am a bit odd, but the sound is like fingernails on a chalkboard to me....I can't handle it.  So when I got the file, my mouth dropped open and I set it aside.  After chatting with Vanessa, she encouraged me to try it because the glass is tempered, so it is more durable.  I tried it....and.....I actually liked it!  First off it doesn't leave frayed edges on the free edge and the edge is smooth!  Second, it is faster, as my other filing routine requires me to use 2 different emory boards to get an even edge and this glass file worked great at providing a non-jagged edge.  The glass file is 400/600 grit, comes in a pretty purple velvet sleeve and also prevents cracking/splitting of your nails.

Next is the Gem Glam Cuticle Balm.  I received Pink Sugar and Peach scents.  I tried the cuticle balm in peach and WOW - fresh peach anyone?  I used it on my cuticles a few times, but wanted to really put it to the test.  I started getting some REALLY dry skin between my fingers (didn't get a photo of it, but it was actually peeling like a sun burn) which kept happening over a 3 day period.  So I rolled Gem Glam Cuticle Balm all over my hands and wore my cotton gloves to bed and BAM - problem gone in one day!  So I have been using it for 2 weeks as a bed time moisturizer and my skin on my hands has never looked better....and let's just say waking up to the smell of fresh peach was pretty nice perk too!

The last product is the Gem Glam Top Coat.  Vanessa sent me the Pink Sugar and Jasmine scents.  I have been using the Pink Sugar scent over the last 3-4 weeks and I am loving it.  First the scent is sweet but not overpowering.  Second, it dries in record time for a 5-free polish (which means it does not contain any of the 5 nasties that polish may contain).  I have used about 1/3 of the bottle and so far I am not experiencing any shrinkage.  As far as wear time - I usually change my mani every day or every other day.  I will have a follow up post once I use it up to provide my overall experience with it.

Photo after 4 days of wear including 2 days of heavy lifting of furniture for a garage sale.  I have the expected tip wear, but zero chips or scratches!!  I did NOT expect that at all!

Loves:  scents are gentle and not overpowering, products have impressed me so far, and I love that Vanessa pushed me outside my comfort zone to experience a new filing process that actually saves me time.  The top coat is 5-free, which is hard to come by and fast drying and provides a great shine.

Wishes: I wish I would have tried some cuticle oil as well!  Definitely looking at getting some!

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