Monday, July 21, 2014

Charmingly Simple Nail Charm Review - Owls and Bows and Stars...Oh My!

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How about a "charm-tastic" review to start the week off?  I'm back again with 4 additional charms to round out the review for Charmingly Simple Nail Art.  I love figuring out manis to utilize charms as accessories.  Now as a reminder, my nail beds are pretty small, so I always try to find charms that aren't too big.

Now let's get to some charms!

First up is the White Acrylic Bow, which is a great way to make a mani adorable!  Acrylic bows are easily applied and stay on for an extended period of time with nail glue (which Elyse carries in her store).  She carries a variety of colors (and patterns).  I just purchased some in leopard and polk-a-dot pattern because they looked so cute!  Photos show the White Acrylic Bow over Feather Boa from Drip Drop Nail Paint and shiny top coat.

Next is a Swarovski Crystal Star used over Magic Hat from Drip Drop Nail Paint.  This star is a great size and easily adhered to my nail with top coat.  The Swarovski Crystal Star is the perfect accessory for when you feel like a star and want to shine bright and twinkle!

Then we have the Silver Mesh Bow.  It is really pretty, but I had a few issues with it.  First, I have slight OCD and there isn't a way to adjust it so that both sides are symmetrical.  Second, there isn't a good way to attach it to the nail (not a large flat area to adhere/glue to the nail), so it was quite loose.  Third, it is very tall and bulky, so it sticks quite a bit off the nail.  Lastly, if you somehow get polish onto the mesh - it is a chore to get the polish out of the mesh....soaking, brush, scrubbing and more soaking in polish remover didn't help.  Photos show the Silver Mesh Bow over Love, Angeline's Learning to Love Again and stamping from Princess Plate Pro Plate 09 from MoYou London.

Lastly, my absolute favorite charm is the Owl Rhinestone Charm.  I was worried about the size (so was Elyse), but it worked out wonderfully!  It is petite enough that it doesn't stick out too far and adheres easily with top coat or more sturdily with nail glue.  Owl shown over Bright Lights, Small City from Contrary Polish and matte top coat.

Loves:  crazy fast shipping, great products (I just bought the polish bottle holder and the clean up brush this week and a few bows) at affordable prices.

Wishes: I wish the mesh bow was on the smaller size and not so difficult to work with because it is really pretty.

Top Coat used: Gem Glam Top Coat from My Dream Polish and O.P.I. Matte Top Coat

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