Wednesday, July 2, 2014

CoCo Lacquer Swatch and Review

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Today I have swatches of a new indie called CoCo Lacquer.  They carry nail polish and other beauty pigments like lip gloss, eye pigment and lip/eye glitter in bright vivid colors.  All polishes from CoCo Lacquer are 4-free so they don't contain any of the 4 nasty chemicals that can be in nail polish.  I was given 2 bright summer colors, a top coat and a base coat.  Today's review will contain an initial first impression of the base and top coat.

Now let's get to some swatches!

First up is Roserie, a bright neon pink.  It reminds me of the petals on a pink rose during the summer months as it blooms.  It was almost a 1 coater, but I added a second for consistency.  Formula was creamy and smooth and applied evenly.  Photos show 2 coats with Silky Top Coat from CoCo Lacquer.

Next up is Mint Tea, a vivid neon green.  A great summer color to kick your nails into over drive!  Great formula with this one as well and it made application a breeze.  Photos show 2 coats with Silky Top Coat on top.

First impressions of Milky Base Coat have been positive.  I have worn it under 2 manis thus far (I keep my manis on for 24-48 hrs) and there was no lifting or peeling.  I will complete a formal review once I have used it for 2+ weeks.  Also, this is my first ever post of naked nails!!  I usually always have polish adorning my fingernails.  As you can see, I do have slight staining, but plan on trying a whitening formula to test and report out on through a future blog post.

First impressions of the Silky Top Coat are mixed.  It does provide a great glossy shine and it goes on smooth, but since it’s tinted pink, this does show up on photos.  It is not noticeable on pinks or dark colors, but I noticed it while using Mint Tea and then tested it over white (in last photo Silky Top Coat is on the outside fingers, while the middle finger has a clear top coat on) and yes, it changed the color.  I will provide a formal review once I have used it for 2+ weeks.

Loves:  Very impressed with the formula, creamy, smooth, self leveling made application easy.  Colors are fun and bright!  Great price!  And let's not forget they are all 4-free!

Wishes: I wish the Silky Top Coat wasn’t tinted so that it can safely be used over any color without fear of it slightly changing the color.

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