Saturday, April 29, 2017

Digit-al Dozen April Birthday Mani

Greetings and Nailutations,

Today I will be sharing a mani for the April Digit-al Dozen Birthday!  We have 2 members who are celebrating their special day this month: Katherine Marie from Procrastinails and Uma from Uma's Nail Art.  They selected a fun bubble image that was a bit intimidating.  (Photo at the end of the post.)

Let's get to the details.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

30 Days of Colour: Birds

Greetings and Nailutations,

Another post for 30 Days of Colour, where we try to tackle the untried polishes sitting in our cabinets/drawers/helmers waiting to be used.  I also wanted to combine this with Spring for Nail Challenge Collaborative.  I wanted something bright (and I was in a rush) - so, the stickers from a stencil were used.  :)

Let's get to the details!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Nail Challenge Collaborative: Pastel Floral

Greetings and Nailutation,

Today my blog post is for the Nail Crazies Unite group.  The theme is floral pastels and I had to bring in the Pastelly Jellies from Drip Drop Nail Paint - which were just re-released!  One of great things about the Pastelly Jellies is that you can create not only jelly sandwiches (glitter between layers of jelly) but you can create stamping sandwiches!  :)

Let's get to the details!

Friday, April 21, 2017

30 Days of Colour Challenge: Earth Day

Greetings and Nailutations,

For the 30 Days of Colour Challenge (where you attempt to utilize those polishes that sit untried in your drawer) the prompt is Earth Day!  Did you know Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970?  I decided on a minimalism mani and selected a green pastel with blue micro-flecks to symbolize Earth.

Let's get to the details.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Nail Challenge Collaborative: Spring Daisies

Greetings and Nailutations,

This month I'm a little behind on some nail art challenges and I know I won't get caught up.  Having a nasty cold for week and sounding like a trucker who smokes kind of changed my schedule.  :)  Today I'm sharing a mani for the Nail Challenge Collaborative group with the prompt "Spring."  The goal is to do 1-4 manis with the same prompt.  What do I think of with spring?  Flowers blooming of course!

Now let's get to the details!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Drip Drop Nail Paint Oz Collection Swatch and Review

Greetings and Nailutations,

*Press Sample*
Today I will be sharing a glittery 6 piece collection from Drip Drop Nail Paint inspired by the movie Wizard of Oz.  It is one of my favorite movies of all time - a true classic.  Each polish provides imagery of a scene in the movie and the sparkle creates a dazzling show on your nails.  There are 3 different ways to wear/apply these glitters.

1. Apply 2 coats (maybe 3) for a glittering spectacular nail
2. Apply 1 coat over an undie to create a fun glitter topper feel
2a. Glitter between jelly finish polish for a a fun jelly sandwich
3. Apply 1 coat and then sponge glitter on to make a completely opaque glitter nail

I demonstrate the first and 3rd applications on my YouTube channel in the swatch video - be sure to check it out!

Now let's get to the swatches!
Warning: Picture heavy post with photos in filtered light as well as simulated sunlight to give the full holo effect.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Digit-al Dozen: Get To Know My Passion

Greetings and Nailutations,

It is the last day of Digit-al Dozen Get To Know Me prompt.  I've been enjoying learning about my fellow DD sisters.  Today I will be sharing my passion, my love - theater.  I absolutely LOVE going to the theater - to be transported through imagination and art to another time or place with live acting is amazing to me.  The first play I saw live (other than high school plays which I watched as well as participated in) was Phantom of the Opera - the classic.  My husband and I donate to our local Broadway venue every year so that we can get some extra benefits (meeting actors, better parking, tickets dead center in the first 20 rows and of course tax write off! haha).  I decided to do a mani inspired by the only play that I have seen 3 times: RENT!  I also have a playbill that is signed by some of the cast that was in the movie!

Let's get to the details!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Digit-al Dozen: Get To Know My Cats!

Greetings and Nailutations,

It is Day 4 of the Digit-al Dozen Get To Know Me prompt and today I was inspired by my furry children!  My husband and I have 2 orange ginger tabbies Henry (Hen) and Buzz (Buzzy).  They both have completely different personalities and meows.

Henry - easy going, calm, patient and his meow is very high pitched
Buzzy - anxious, pestering little brother (picture...I'm not touching you...I'm not touching you), goofy and his meow is more of a chirp.

Both were rescues, where Henry was retrieved from a hoarder and Buzz was a previous feral cat that was young enough to be introduced to humans as potential pet material.

I'll have photos of the boys at the bottom, but first the mani!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Digit-al Dozen: Get To Know Honey Honey

Greetings and Nailutations,

It is Day 3 of Get To Know Me for the Digit-al Dozen and I figured I would post about something that I collect, love and respect.  BEES!!!  It all started when I was a child - my grandfather nick named me "Honey Honey" and from there, I seemed to be attracted to bees.  I got my first sting because as a toddler, I wanted to pet the furry insects.  OOPS!  (Lesson learned.)  My attraction continue through grade school and when I reached high school I had to do a "senior project" which entailed a paper, poster and presentation.  I decided to jump into beekeeping.  It was one of the coolest experiences I have ever done working with a local beekeeper in Washington state.  I even continued the obsession into my wedding and it was bee themed.

Now let's get to the mani!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Digit-al Dozen: Get To Know What I Do

Greetings and Nailutations,

It's day number 2 in the Digit-al Dozen Get To Know Me week.  I thought I would do a mani related to my career.  What exactly do I do all day?  Hmmm....good question.  I work at a company that fabricates computer chips, we make them in a super duper clean rooms (people are required to wear clean room suits to protect the product - it's like a big onsie with a hood and face cover).  I've held a few different roles from analyzing the electronic properties of the computer chips, analyzing what chips can be sold and what can be causing them to fail, to figuring out what can be causing issues during processing.  Every day it's some new problem that can be easy to solve or very complex.  While my official title is "Yield Engineer" I prefer to call myself an engi-'nerd.'  :)

Let's get to the mani!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Digit-al Dozen Get to Know My Songs

Greetings and Nailutations,

It's day 1 for Digit-al Dozen week of "Get To Know Me."  Me?  Little ole me.  There is something that completes me - music, songs, a good beat.  I am almost always listening to music.  At work, I wear oversized headphones (teal) and since I have a sit-stand desk 50% of the time I am dancing and singing.  In meetings if someone says something that triggers a song lyric, I will bust out with the line.
Co-worker: that's bananas
Me: That shi- is bananas!  Bee-ay-en-ay-en-ay-es!

Co-worker: we are a good team, like family
Me: We are family....I got all my co-workers and me!

At home, I religiously play the game Song Pop - it's like name that tune with different genres.  You guess the name of the song or the artist.  This is what I play while I do my manis and while I edit photos.

Songs are memories.  I relive moments with songs - my wedding, my graduation, a good vacation, a concert and a movie.

Let's get to the mani!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Ever After Polish So You Want To Be A Villain? Collection Swatch and Review

Greetings and Nailutations,

*Press Sample*
Have you ever rooted for the Villian?  Maybe they are just misunderstood or maybe they had a rough life?  No?  Well I'll change your mind with these villian inspired polishes in the So You Want To Be A Villain Collection from Ever After Polish.  This collection will be available Friday April 7th.

Let's get to the swatches.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Sometimes There is Silver at the End of the Rainbow

Greetings and Nailutations,

Today I'm a few days late for 2 prompts that I combined.  The 30 Days of Colour Challenge (where we work on untried polishes) called for rainbows and the Weekly Dose of Rainbows Challenge called for freestyle rainbow - so obviously they were combined.

Now let's get to the details,