Monday, September 29, 2014

CDB Lacquer Halloween Polishes Swatch and Review

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Who all loves Halloween?  I love seeing all the polishes emerge from the depths of Halloween spirit from the indie owners!  Today I'm sharing 4 of the 8 beautiful polishes from CDB Lacquer's Halloween collection and then also her October Limited Edition polish.  Be sure to check out her store for all the polish available, another new collection released this week as well.

Now let's get to some swatches!

First up is The Sanderson Sisters, a white glitter crelly.   The Sanderson Sisters contains green, magenta, black, orange and white small and micro glitter.  This polish is really pretty AND it glows in the dark!  Photos show 2 coats with shiny top coat.

Next is Time Warp, a lovely black glitter jelly.  Time Warp contains black and white micro glitter, black medium circles and white stars.  I left the polish upside down overnight prior to swatching it and there was minimal glitter fishing.  Photos show 2 thick coats and shiny top coat.

Just A Bunch Of Hocus Pocus is up next...another tribute polish to the three Sanderson sisters.  (As I was swatching these, the movie came on....creepy!)  Just A Bunch Of Hocus Pocus is a gorgeous purple glitter jelly containing silver and black hexes in small and medium sizes as well as white and silver holo stars.  The jelly base also contains rainbow holo dust which gives it some extra sparkle!  Photos show 2 coats with shiny top coat.

The last of the Halloween polishes I have to share today is Spookfest.  Spookfest is a light neon green glitter crelly that contains green, orange, purple, black and white glitter.  Photos show 2 coats with shiny top coat.

The extra special limited edition for this month is called Howling Wolf, a dark grey holographic polish.  It is absolutely stunning!  Photos show 2 coats with shiny top coat.

Shiny Top Coat is from Kitty Polish

Loves:  Um....HALLOWEEN polish - do I need to say anything else?!!  The best thing about this collection (including the other polishes that are part of it) is that they aren't explicitly "Halloween" so you can wear them all year long.  Love polishes that are versatile.  I also absolutely loved the Limited Edition Holo - NEED THEM ALL!  Easy formula to work with and apply.  And of course an added bonus besides being pretty polishes is that they are 5-free and don't contain the 5 of the nasty chemicals that polish can contain.

Wishes:  I wish I would have bought the September Limited Edition Holo earlier...don't worry, I just got it!!  :)

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Beginnails' Sunday Six Week 43

Greetings and Nailutations,

Here are my 6 favorite manis of the week.  I was able to fit in nail art the weeks before and luckily my cell phone has a lot of extra manis sitting in it to post.  :)

This first mani is using Diabolically Demure and Pretty Pink Bikini both from Liquid Frosting.  I decided to add on a cute bow from Charminlgy Simple Nail Art.

Next is a reverse stamping mani.  I used Liquid Kandi Summer Neons to create this look.  The theme I was doing was Summer Neon, so the collection was calling to me.  :)  

Next I used a silver Holo (Quiet Storm from Ooh La Lacquer) and the Sheer Tints (Teal and Ultra Violet from Polish Pusher) to make a much easier clean up holo gradient.

Next I used Keely and Nina from Daily Hues Nail Lacquer and played around with my dotting tools. I'm not exactly sure where I was going with this mani, but I liked how it turned out.

 The next two manis are swatches.  This first is Falling For You from GG Nail Lacquer.  I love the dark brown with the glitter - reminds me of a box of chocolates.

The last mani is a swatch from Yume Lacquer's Rainbow Heart.  I love the iridescent glitter in this light pink golden shimmer creme.

Which is your favorite?

Happy Polishing,
Kristi aka @BeginNails

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Dream Polish Ultra Matte Top Coat Swatch and Review

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Today I'm sharing a new top coat finish from Dream Polish..  The Ultra Matte Top Coat is a new product developed by Dream Polish.  It is available for purchase now and comes in a few scents or unscented.

Now lets get to some swatches!

I wanted to show a few different looks with the top coat (including nail art) and then also compare it and provide my opinion on it.

First I wanted to test the top coat with a glitter crelly, so I used Polishaus Argentine a pretty grey with magenta, orange, black and white glitter.  This photo is in simulated sunlight.  I used Gem Glam Top Coat from Dream Polish for the shiny top coat and 1 and 2 coats of the Ultra Matte Top Coat.  To my eyes, 1 and 2 coats seem very similar on the glitter crelly.

Next I wanted to utilize a glitter jelly...because one must mattify all jellies!  (I think it is polish addict rule #42.)  I decided to use Jindie Nails Red Velvet Revolver, which is simply is really beautiful.  In the glitter jelly I noticed the difference between 1 and 2 coats more than in the glitter crelly.

I wanted to test was how the Ultra Matte Top Coat worked with nail art.  In the past I have had a beautiful stamping design and then add my go to matte top coat and it smears the entire thing.  I now have to actually do a shiny top coat and then a matte top coat.  With Ultra Matte Top Coat from Dream Polish, I was able to apply the top coat with NO smearing!  Should I repeat that?  NO SMEARING!  Below is Cold Concrete from GG Indie Polish and a Winstonia stamping plate.

The last thing I needed to do was to compare Ultra Matte Top Coat from Dream Polish with my go to matte top coat (O.P.I.).  Below is the comparison with O.P.I. on my ring finger.  As you can see O.P.I. is slightly more powdery looking, while Dream Polish still has some sheen to it.

Loves: I will always love the fact that Dream Polish is 5-free and cruelty free.  I also love that the polish has a great dry time and the formula is perfect.  And of course I really love the brushes that Dream Polish uses - wide!  They make putting a top coat on easy!  I love the product finish overall, however compared to my O.P.I. matte, I'd consider Dream Polish more of a "wax" finish.

Wishes:  I almost wish that the product was called Ultra Wax Top Coat!  :)  I can't wait to see what other fun things Vanessa has up her sleeves!

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Yume Lacquer Sailor Moon Inspired Collection Sample Swatch and Review

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Today I have a new (to me) indie brand that has an entire collection based on Sailor Moon.  The brand is called Yume Lacquer.  The Sailor Moon Collection contains 10 colors, today I'll be sharing 3.  Be sure to check out her store to see the other colors as well.

Now let's get to some swatches!

First up is Courageous Thunder, which is an emerald green creme with light pink micro glitter.  This polish is really pretty and sparkled under the simulated sunlight.  Photos show 2 coats with shiny top coat.

Next is my favorite, Rainbow Heart.  Rainbow Heart is a light pink polish with a ton of iridescent glitter and gold shimmer.  In the filtered light the iridescent glitter popped and in the simulated sunlight the golden shimmer shined bright!  Photos show 3 coats for total opacity with a shiny top coat.

Last is Turbulent Space, a navy blue polish.  Turbulent Space needs 2 coats for total opacity as it is on the inky side and does contain some textural pigments for those who love texture.  Photos show 2 coats with 2 coats of shiny top coat.  *Highly recommend a 2 base coats to prevent staining AND cleaning up any skin as soon as possible if there is contact made with the polish!

Loves:  I really enjoyed the surprise of pink micro glitter in Courageous Thunder and the golden shimmer in Rainbow Heart.  The three colors were beautiful and fun.  I also love that all Yume Lacquer is 5-free, so they don't contain any of the 5 nasties that can be found in polish.

Wishes: I wish the texture in Turbulent Space was a little more easier to work with, I struggled to get a uniform texture look.  Amanda, the owner is going to work on the formula to try to get it more uniform!  It is always wonderful to see indie brands take feedback and run with it. :)

Shiny Top Coat: Gem Glam Top Coat in the scent of summer melon from

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Hobby Bloggers Giveaway

Greetings and Nailutations!

The post today is informing you all of a giveaway that myself and 32 other blogger pals contributed to!  The giveaway is in the form of paypal cash, for you to buy polish or whatever your heart desires. It ends in a week!  Make sure to enter!  There are 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes available.

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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Green Glitter Indie Polish Swatch and Review

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*Press Sample*
Today I have a new indie to share called GG Indie Polish (GG = Green Glitter).  GG Indie Polish ships world wide and has 3 colors in their Fall Collection.   They also do custom polishes.

Now let's get to some swatches!

First up is Cold Concrete, a grey glitter crelly.  This soft grey contains lavender, silver and royal blue small hex glitter.  Cold Concrete is one of my favorites of the collection.  The formula was perfectly creamy and applied easily with zero glitter fishing.  Photos show 2 coats with shiny top coat.

Next up is Falling For you, a beautiful chocolate brown glitter crelly containing red and bronze small hex glitter.  This polish reminded me of a box of chocolates and was my second favorite.  Formula was perfect.  Photos show 2 coats with shiny top coat.

The last polish is called Hungry Hungry Hippie, which is a light olive green glitter crelly.  Hungry Hungry Hippie contains bronze small hexes and light green bar glitter.  This polish had almost a textural look to it without a top coat, so it is perfect for those who love texture.  There was no glitter fishing needed as bars and hexes appeared with each dip of the brush.  Photos show 2 coats with shiny top coat and bow.

Shiny Top Coat: Gem Glam Top Coat from in the scent of Summer Melon

Loves:  Formula!  I love how creamy the formula was on each of the polishes with zero glitter fishing.  My favorites were Cold Concrete and Falling For You because of the fun color combinations.  All GG Indie Polish products are 5-free so they don't contain 5 of the nasties that can be found in polish.

Wishes:  I love a good glitter crelly, but wish Hungry Hungry Hippie had a little less bar glitter in it for a smoother application.  After speaking with Bobbie (the owner) she did mention that my batch had more than the tester originally had and plans on altering it a bit.  Let's add to my LOVES --> listening to customer feedback.  :)

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Beginnails' Sunday Six Week 42

Greetings and Nailutations,

This past week, there wasn't as much nail art, but lots of beautiful polish swatches!  I had a hard time picking only 6 because this week there was some gorgeous glitter polishes that I have fallen in love with.

Let's get to the manis!

First mani I used 4 of the 5 Fanny Pack Collection from CDB Lacquer.  I made blobs or dots on a makeup sponge and sponged on the color over white to make it pop.  Then I used a black nail art pen to draw on an outline of leopard print.  I love how this turned out.

Next mani I used Bell Bottoms as the base and then did glitter placement of Disco Days.  Both of these polishes are from Drip Drop Nail Paint and available for purchase.

This swatch is of Berried Treasure, also from Drip Drop Nail Paint.  This was a limited edition polish and I was so happy to get my hands on it.  I love purple polishes.

Next mani I did to support a fellow nail polish addict (@amyylyn on instagram) who is struggling with the diagnosis of her mother in law with stage IV pancreatic cancer.  Another friend (@amylovesnewwave on Instagram) organized a group of us to do purple manis to let her know that we are all thinking of her and her mother in law and family.  This mani features Ain't Life Grape from Jenna Hipp with stamping from MoYou Princess Plate 14.

This swatch was from my review of Sincerely Polish Once Upon An Enchanted Night Collection.  This polish is called Wicked Stepmother and below shows it mattifed.  I love glitter jellies when they are used with a matte top coat.

The last polish is a fun Holloween glitter topper from Smokey Mountain Lacquers.  This is Night Of The Grim over several festive colors (including Boogie Man from Smokey Mountain Lacquers and Piper Chapman from Liquid Frosting).

That's all I have for this week!  What was your favorite?

Happy Polishing,
Kristi aka @BeginNails