Sunday, November 24, 2013

Nail Honey Bee Day Collection Review & a "Sweet" Giveaway

Greetings & Nailutations!

*Blogger Package* Who doesn't love a sweet giveaway?  And who doesn't love honey?  The collection I am reviewing today is called Bee Day from Nail Honey which can be purchased here: Nail Honey.  I first purchased polish from Bee when she was first starting up & I was so happy with the quality & formula.  The colors were fabulous and were opaque in one coat.  She has since expanded & carries solid colors, holos and glitter crellies.

The Bee Day collection has a total of 3 polishes, all glitter crellies.  Now, onto some swatches!

The first is 27 Candles and it is a light peach creme that contains medium and small hexes as well as micro glitter.  The hexes are turquoise, pink, gold and green.  The color is soothing & soft enough to wear to work as a nude color with just a little sparkle.

My absolute favorite of the three is 11:11.  It is a deep royal blue with micro glitter, medium and small silver & turquoise glitter with the occasional half moon.  The color is stunning and it had me staring at my nails.

Next is Crown Jewels which is a beautiful purple that contains micro glitter, large, medium and small glitter of silver and dark purple color.  This color makes you think of shiny sparkling jewels.

I will even show you some previous swatches of her polish.  I am really excited because Plummed Out is returning!!  It is a rich plum purple.  These photos have her old bottle style.

Pros: Wonderful formula, beautiful glitter combinations!  I am excited to see what else comes from her creative laboratory.  Also, can I point out the adorable bees on top of the handles?  When I saw them, I seriously squealed with glee!
Cons: The only con I could think of is that I wish there were more moons in the 11:11, but since there are a few, it is like that finger wins the moon lottery!  Hahah!  PS My pointer finger won!

Do you want to win the Bee Day set?  Fill out the rafflecoptor below.  Ends on my B-day…December 14th!

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Happy Polishing,
Kristi aka @beginnails

Friday, November 22, 2013

Pure Nail Lacquer Fall Color Review & Giveaway

Greetings and Nailutaions!

I am super excited to do a review on Pure Nail Lacquer which can be purchased here: Pure Nail Lacquer.  Pure Nail Lacquer, to me, epitomizes perfection in a bottle.  Why you ask?  There are 3 key things any nail polish addict is looking for in nail polish.  1) great formula 2) great colors 3) great price.  Pure knocks it out of the park and accomplishes all 3 things and to add on they are 4-free, vegan & 100% cruelty free.

Let's dive further into the three key items:
1) Formula - all of the cremes I have tried (total of 11 + 1 jelly) have the perfect consistency, slides on like butter, very pigmented and easy to apply.  In fact most of them are completely opaque in just 1 coat.
2) Great colors - they have a plethora of colors & continuously add more!  I have ordered the mystery box in the past because there are too many choices, I'd just rather have them decide for me & it is more exciting to be surprised.
3) Price - All nail polish (aside from base/top coats) are $5!

This collection contains the fall colors.  Now....onto some swatches!

First up is Flawless which is a beautiful tan nude.  It is a great color for those who need to look professional for work and a great base for any nail art or an undie for a glitter topper.

Here is it used as an undie underneath a glitter topper.

Next is Brown Skin and this dark chocolate brown has a gold shimmer infused in the rich color.  It is absolutely gorgeous.  I want to mention that the polish dries on these cremes so shiny that a top coat isn't needed other than to protect the gorgeous color.  These photos of Brown Skin are with NO top coat....and look at that shine.

Third to the fall collection is Rescued.  Rescued is a dark orange brown...a burnt umber.  Middle finger on this swatch has no top coat.  The photos make it look red, but it is more orange.

Lastly and my favorite because it is a color to be worn in fall, winter & spring...heck even summer (I rarely follow trends) is Overflow.  It is a beautiful turquoise that is more jelly than crelly.  These photos are also without a top coat.

Here is Overflow under a black & white glitter topper:

Pros: affordable price, great color selection and outstanding formula....perfect to do nail art with, eventually I would like to replace all my mainstream cremes with Pure.  In addition to all these great things, Pure Nail Lacquer is 4-free, Vegan & 100% cruelty free!  Customer service is top notch!
Cons: I could not think of any cons....other than, if you are looking for exotic glitter toppers/combos, Pure doesn't do that (right now....everything is always subject to change), but they do great collaborations with others for giveaways AND product packages that include glitter toppers & beauty products.

I am a huge fan of Pure.  The products reviewed in this blog were purchased by me.  The giveaway products are all brand new & were purchased by me.

Would you like to get your hands on the fall colors of Pure?  Just use the rafflecopter below to follow me on Facebook, IG, follow my blog on BlogLovin, or follow using Google Friends Connect!  So many ways to enter!  Good luck!

Happy Polishing!
Kristi aka @beginnails

Must be 18+ or show proof of parental consent should you win.
US mailing address.

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

KBShimmer, Holiday Polish Review

Greetings & Nailutations,

With the holidays fast approaching, I decided to purchase some holiday polish.  (OK actually it was on my nail mail buddy’s wish list & I bought some for her & she couldn’t wait & already had bought it for herself!  So in actuality it meant I got more polish!)  These are from KBShimmer Bath & Body and my first from this indie company.  They also have soaps, hand scrubs, bath bombs and lip balms.

I only purchased 4 from the winter collection & they are swatched below with my reactions!  There are a total of 22 polishes from the Winter 2013 collection including glitter toppers, glitter crellies, glitter jellies and duo-chromes.

First is Snow Much Fun which is a cool refreshing light blue jelly with medium size silver hexes & micro glitter as well as circles.  The highlight of course are the snowflakes!  Yes, SNOWFLAKES in the polish!  As soon as I applied this nail polish I felt cool & part of winter (it’s currently in the upper 80’s still in AZ and it’s November). This polish reminds of playing in the snow as a child, laying in the snow making snow angels & and trying to catch snowflakes on my tongue.

Next up is Snow Flaking Way which is a purple jelly with silver circles, medium and small hexes and micro bars of silver holo sparkle.  This beautiful purple is also sprinkled with snowflakes!  This polish reminds me of driving on a snowy day, the hypnotic fall of snow in the headlights.  This is what the polish looks like.  It hypnotizes you into staring at it!  

Third polish is Merry Pinkmas and is a pink glitter crelly.  It contains red squares, white, green, neon green and pink hexes and more!  You wouldn’t think pink as a holiday color, but the name, the color combo pulls you into the winter!  

Lastly I have Will Yule Marry Me which is a glitter jelly.  It is a deep navy blue with silver circles, medium and small hexes & micro glitter.  This might be my favorite of the 4.  Simple, classy and makes me think of a cold night snuggling close to the ones you love while watching the snow fall.

As with all larger chunky glitter, it is recommended to not brush your polish on, but rather dab it on to get an even application of glitter.  There is minimal snowflake fishing if you follow 1 simple rule: turn your bottle upside down while you apply your base coat & let it dry.  This allows the heavier glitter to be more accessible during application.  Then when you are ready to use it there will be plentiful snowflakes towards the top for you!

Pros: SNOWFLAKES!  and fun glitter combos! And I love a polish that makes me day dream.
Cons: With all holiday related nail polish most of them are only good to wear for a month (Halloween, Winter, Christmas, etc) of the year, but on the bright side, they last that much longer!

Happy Polishing,
Kristi aka beginnails


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

November, A Box Indied

Greetings & Nailutations!

I look forward to the start of every month now.  I receive two monthly boxes at the start of every month.  My Julep Maven box which is a Seattle based company and 5-free (does not contain 5 of the harmful chemicals) and my A Box, Indied.  What I love about A Box, Indied is that there are 5 indie (non-mainstream) nail polishes in it from 5 different indie makers and all limited edition made only for this box.  The October polishes were great & I got to try 4 new indie makers!  This month is similar & I got to try 3 new indie makers!  There are a total of 10 indie makers that contribute, but I believe others are looking into contributing.

Let's get into the show & tell!!

The first one is full of holo goodness.  This is AMAZING...and it's called Amaizing.  This nude holo was absolutely stunning.  In my light box it was a toned down nude but as soon as I stuck it under the light bulb in the kitchen the holo was ignited!  Look at those colorful sparkles and these are still photos!  This is my first Different Dimension and not my last.  Formula was spot on for a holo, not thick & easy to apply.

Next up is a Dollish Polish glitter topper called Indian Corn.  As soon as I saw this I knew I had to wear it & not just swatch it.  It debuted in my Instagram with some nail art of a fox.  This glitter topper contains purple, orange, gold, copper colored hexes.  Again, this was my first Dollish Polish and I was pleased with the formula. Each dip of the brush brought consistant numbers of glitters.  One of my favorites from this box.

Third polish is a Freak Show Polish called Harvest Hayride.  This blue is gorgeous, it was a creamy jelly with shards of different glitters.  Brush & formula glide on smoothly like butter.  It dries to a matte finish which made the glitters very difficult to see, so a top coat was necessary. The glitters drop to the bottom, so make sure you give it a good shake prior to use or turn it upside down while applying your base coat.  Not my first Freak Show Polish, I mean who isn't attracted to a Freak Show?

Fourth polish is Fall In New England by Liquid Sky Lacquer.  I have a few holo goodies from Liquid Sky Lacquer & this was my first glitter bomb from the line.  I am typically not a fan of orange on my skin tone (I'm too pale to pull it off), but orange glitter with green, purple and orange medium hexes made me see the fall foliage in New England.  Being in Arizona...we don't really have a fall season, so I don't get to see the beautiful leaves.  This polish made me see it.  As with the other Liquid Sky Lacquers the formula is top notch and easy to apply.  There is no undie in this photo (for non-nail speakers this means I am not wearing a solid color underneath....all glitter baby!).

Last polish is from Wicked Polish called Black Friday.  This is a black jelly with gold holo bars & little gold glitters.  This was my first Wicked Polish and it looks absolutely stunning.  The only thing I had trouble with is that it was a bit thick.  Still happy with it overall....I mean it's polish!!  haha

If you are interested in purchasing A Box, Indied visit Llarowe online store.  As boxes sell out, at the end of the month they switch to selling the polishes individually.  So if you have a favorite, keep watch!

Happy Polishing
Kristi aka @beginnails Instagram