Thursday, November 14, 2013

KBShimmer, Holiday Polish Review

Greetings & Nailutations,

With the holidays fast approaching, I decided to purchase some holiday polish.  (OK actually it was on my nail mail buddy’s wish list & I bought some for her & she couldn’t wait & already had bought it for herself!  So in actuality it meant I got more polish!)  These are from KBShimmer Bath & Body and my first from this indie company.  They also have soaps, hand scrubs, bath bombs and lip balms.

I only purchased 4 from the winter collection & they are swatched below with my reactions!  There are a total of 22 polishes from the Winter 2013 collection including glitter toppers, glitter crellies, glitter jellies and duo-chromes.

First is Snow Much Fun which is a cool refreshing light blue jelly with medium size silver hexes & micro glitter as well as circles.  The highlight of course are the snowflakes!  Yes, SNOWFLAKES in the polish!  As soon as I applied this nail polish I felt cool & part of winter (it’s currently in the upper 80’s still in AZ and it’s November). This polish reminds of playing in the snow as a child, laying in the snow making snow angels & and trying to catch snowflakes on my tongue.

Next up is Snow Flaking Way which is a purple jelly with silver circles, medium and small hexes and micro bars of silver holo sparkle.  This beautiful purple is also sprinkled with snowflakes!  This polish reminds me of driving on a snowy day, the hypnotic fall of snow in the headlights.  This is what the polish looks like.  It hypnotizes you into staring at it!  

Third polish is Merry Pinkmas and is a pink glitter crelly.  It contains red squares, white, green, neon green and pink hexes and more!  You wouldn’t think pink as a holiday color, but the name, the color combo pulls you into the winter!  

Lastly I have Will Yule Marry Me which is a glitter jelly.  It is a deep navy blue with silver circles, medium and small hexes & micro glitter.  This might be my favorite of the 4.  Simple, classy and makes me think of a cold night snuggling close to the ones you love while watching the snow fall.

As with all larger chunky glitter, it is recommended to not brush your polish on, but rather dab it on to get an even application of glitter.  There is minimal snowflake fishing if you follow 1 simple rule: turn your bottle upside down while you apply your base coat & let it dry.  This allows the heavier glitter to be more accessible during application.  Then when you are ready to use it there will be plentiful snowflakes towards the top for you!

Pros: SNOWFLAKES!  and fun glitter combos! And I love a polish that makes me day dream.
Cons: With all holiday related nail polish most of them are only good to wear for a month (Halloween, Winter, Christmas, etc) of the year, but on the bright side, they last that much longer!

Happy Polishing,
Kristi aka beginnails



  1. They look really pretty! This is a brand I have been thinking about trying! Your pictures always look great!

    1. I am glad my nail mail buddy wanted it. ;) hee hee!

  2. Just found your blog via IG! I love those snowflakes...I also tried catching them on my tongue when I was little.


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