Monday, June 25, 2018

MoYou Nails Vintage 4 Stamping Plate Review Part 2

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Today I'm sharing part 1 of a stamping plate review!  I was sent a stamping plate from MoYou Nails and their Clear Stamper.  This is my first experience with the brand and last week I shared my first impressions and then my first set of manis!  Today I'm sharing the remainder of the manis I created with the plate.

Let's get to the review!

First mani, I used a beautiful pattern.  I really love patterns like this.

The next images was scrolling lines and I randomly placed them on my nails.

I had to use black and white and pink florals.  Loving this mani!

Geometric circles!  

I love delicate scrolling.

Animal print combined!  Leopard and zebra!

I was feeling this green on green floral look!

Red and juicy cherries!  I enjoyed this image too!

And the last image was 2 patterns combined, so I topped it over a fun glitter.

Other products used:
Ribbits Stickits - Un-frog-gettable Cuticle Cover
Glisten and Glow - Top Coat
Heather's Hues - Heart of the Matter

Loves: Repeating my loves from the previous post - I love how many images are available on the plate.  I will always love any stamper that comes straight to me with zero priming or prep needed.  Being able to use it right away is ideal as a consumer.  Even though not every image worked for me on the stamper, I'm pleased that 6 of the 9 did (usually I always have a few images that don't cooperate with clear stampers).

Wishes: Repeating my wishes from the previous post - Overall my first use of MoYou Nails products was a positive experience.  I do have 2 things for wishes though.  For the plate, the sizes worked great for me, but for anyone with large canvases they may be too small.  And for the stamper, as I stamped the head would be pushed down farther and farther, I wish it sat further up in the barrel.

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  1. Oh man I remember the days of stamping with the pink stampers. I would have loved to have a clear stamper to make things easier!

  2. I don’t know what a stamper looks like, so i’ve Gotta find out. I love all of the designs that you tried, especially the flocking and the scrolls. The flowers are so cute too

  3. You are the stamping maven. Your work is always so beautiful. The plates have some great designs.

  4. Your nail art always bring smile to my face! All cute

  5. These are all amazing looks! You've done such a great job showing off the entire plate!

  6. Love these! The blue scrolling lines is my jam!

  7. Cute mani's!!! I like the animal print the best. You're very creative.

  8. Great review and glad you like these items ♡

  9. The last one has so much depth with that fan base!

  10. So many fun looks! I really like the color scheme of the first mani you did.

  11. Those look like some great shades!! I’m teally loving the all the designs!

  12. Absolutely loving the designs.. So neat and crisp.. and yes, fun to do :)

  13. I'm loving this plate! All the designs are super cute!! Gorgeous combos as always!

  14. I love all the nail art, especially the geometric circles!

  15. Love all the beautiful nail art. All these stamps are so amazing especially the way you do them.

  16. I love the Holo stamp the best,


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