Thursday, June 7, 2018

3 Empties: LUSH, Bath and BodyWorks and Victoria's Secret Body Washes

Greetings and Nailutations,

It's another installment of 3 empties, where I review 3 products I have used up and express my opinion on how well they worked, how they smelled, their packaging and if I'd make a repeat purchase.  Today I'm going through 3 body washes that can be picked up at the local mall!

Now let's get to the empties!

The first product that I used up is from LUSH and it was Snow Fairy Shower Gel.  I got this during a big sale on line.  You know....this will no longer be available - must buy now kind of sale.  I'm a sucker for those.

Scent: Snow Fairy is described as candy-scented.  As soon as I opened it, I thought LIES...ALL LIES!  I did not pick up a sweet sugar scent of a delicious candy, but rather an over-powering scent of bubblegum.  FYI - I only like bubble gum scented things in actual bubble gum.
Feel: It lathered nicely, but had shimmer in it.  I'm not a fan of pieces of "things" in my shower gel, peanut butter or orange juice.  
Packaging: Plastic bottle with tilted lid top.
Buy Again: nope, not for me

The next product Bath and BodyWorks Shower Gel in the scent Love and Sunshine.

Scent: Love and Sunshine is described as having key notes of "sun-kissed daisies, sweet lemon, mara strawberry, golden honeysuckle, sunshine musk".  My laymen's nose thought of it as a clean fruity scent.
Feel: The usual B and BW Shower Gel, it lathers, it cleans, it's highly perfumed and leaves your skin a bit dry (I always have to moisturize after using B and BW shower gels)
Packaging: Plastic container
Buy Again: NO!  While I enjoyed the scent, I'm loving making better choices more.  What do I mean by that?  Basically Cruelty Free (CF).  While B and BW does not test their end products on animals - they don't necessary require their ingredients to be.  I will be using up what I have left in my pantry of soaps from B and BW and no longer supporting the company.  By the way this is BIG for me - my mom always gave me gift cards to them for Christmas (which I asked her not to as of last year).  

The last product I have to share is Victoria's Secret Angel Wash.  I got this such a long time ago (free gift with purchase kind of thing) and I finally used it.  This is the first real body product I've used from VS.

Scent: Heavenly is described as white musk sandalwood vanilla and white peony.  It was a soft delicate scent, I picked up more of the sandalwood than anything else.
Feel: It lathered nicely 
Packaging: Squeeze bottle, travel size
Buy Again: Pass, as VS is not CF

WOW!  I just realized that all 3 were a pass for me!  Have you tried any of these products?  What was your experience like?

Happy Emptying,

Kristi aka BeginNails
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  1. I am glad to read that you are now starting to support CF products. Yay!

  2. I don't care for LUSH Snow Fairy either, way too sweet. I like the sound of the VS scent but I'm trying to make better choices too.

  3. Haha, good old Snow Fairy! My favorite thing about it was always the glitter. The scent is not my favorite, but I actually have a bottle in my shower right now, so I must not hate it that much.

  4. I haven't tried any of these. It's so awesome that you're going in a cruelty free direction.

  5. I’m obsessed with the SnownFairy scent, but then I love all the bubble gum scented things and even my favorite ice cream is bubble gum!!

  6. I have used the last two empties before and they smell amazing, never tried anything from lush before

  7. I actually really like Snow Fairy and Rose Jam, and stock up on both during the Christmas sale!

  8. Mmm Snowfairy! That's one of my favorite Lush scents ever.

  9. Lush products are such a hit or miss for me. Sometimes they smell great and don't work well. But I do loe perusing their counters.

  10. If B&BW could go CF I think that would be huge for them!

  11. I have yet to get my hands on Snow Fairy but every year I hear great things. Maybe next season I will grab some!!

  12. I used to have the Love & Sunshine. I love that scent so much! CVS had one that was their brand that was really similar.

  13. People are obsessed with snow fairy and vom! Hate it. I do love their body wash though. I’m currently using berry merry Christmas from their Christmas line and loving it


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