Tuesday, October 17, 2017

It Girl Nail Art IG121 Plate Review Part 2

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Today I will be sharing the 2nd half of my review of  It Girl Nail Art IG121 plate.  This plate contains everything you need for a good Hallow's Eve - skulls, jack-o-lanterns, spiders, webs, grave stone, grim reaper, a witch and much more!  Yesterday I shared 5 manis and today will be another 5!

Now let's get to the manis!

Yesterday we left off with some empty webs...so today we shall fill those webs with cuddly little spiders.  Don't you see the little framed art work "Web Sweet Web?"  I love the opportunity of double stamping on this plate.  Base is Ever After Black Magic stamped with M Polish Snowberry as the webs and then Girly Bits Cosmetics Silver bells.  It's topped with a shiny top coat.

Now let me introduce you to my zombie mani, he's so adorable, I made him my boyfriend.  He doesn't care what I look like or how much money I spend on polish - he loves me for my "brains."  Haha!  I wanted to use the blood splatters to create a story on my nails, so I paired it with a brain stamping image and a zombie decal.  I used O.P.I. Tiramisu For Two as the base, Polish My Life Little Red Dress, It Girl Nail Art Coral with Vivid Lacquer VL026 Plate.  The zombie decal is from Ribbits Stickits and I topped it with matte top coat.

I'm absolutely "batty" for this next mani and you'll see why in a hot second!  BATS!  Do you know what a group of bats flying around is called?  You can refer to this mani as a colony of bats or a cloud of bats.  The polishes used are Bad Bitch Polish Butternut and Blue Hubbard topped with a shiny top coat.

I wanted to test out another image with lettering since the lines were so fine.  I selected "Trick or Treat" and paired it with a witch.  Both turned out perfectly!  My base is Lolita Lacquer Bruja stamped with M Polish Bells of Ireland and Apricot Delight topped with a shiny top coat.

The last mani is my favorite of all the manis I created.  I saw it and "dropped dead."  I paired the tree branches with the grave stone.  I did free hand a few shards of grass around the grave marker.  Base is Illyrian Sinister Haze stamped with Ever After Black Magic topped with matt top coat.

Matte Top Coat - Heather's Hues Heart of the Matter
Shiny Top Coat - Glisten and Glow Top Coat
Stamper - Clear Jelly Stamper Big Bling Stamper
Ribbit's Stickits - Cuticle Cover

Loves: From thin lines to large images, every image picked up perfectly with my clear stamper.  The possibilities of stories/scenes to create with the images and the double stamping is great.

Wishes:  I wish I could get away with Halloween manis for 3 months.  :)  Is that wrong?

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  1. God I love everything you've done here. You're so good at stamping! My stamper is literally on my desk, looking at me but I haven't used it since I did my faux marble look.

  2. These are so cool! You made everything look lovely and cute! Wish I have the patience to do all these!

  3. That last mani is truly awesome. I'm in love with that tree stamp. Sigh. I think I need this plate.

  4. This plate is so awesome! I'm really sad that this month has not worked out as planned and I haven't been able to create a single Halloween nail art design yet.

  5. Wow, I love them all! The zombie is definitely adorable but truly, I'm kind of obsessed with all of them/jealous none of these are on my nails!

  6. The bats! Great roundup of looks, Kristi!

  7. OMG I can't pick a favorite -- all of these are so adorable!

  8. Your zombie mani is the cutest! I can't believe how adorable it is!

  9. such cute manicures with the stamping plates -- those spiders look a little too real for me. Not a fan of spiders, so wouldn't want them on my nails, haha!

  10. All of those are super cute! The spiders are my favorite.

  11. I'm so phobic about the S word that I can't find a halloween plate without them. they just creep me out so bad....but they're not as scary in silver.

  12. Those little spiders and the bats! I love them!

  13. What a fabulous plate, and your work is beautifully done! I love the bats and the witch most!

  14. I love your little blurb about zombie boyfriend 😂

  15. I adore that zombie. The creepy + pink is just the right mix.


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