Monday, October 16, 2017

It Girl Nail Art IG121 Plate Review Part 1

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I have a confession.  I love love love holiday or theme stamping plates.  Today I have one to share and it's HALLOWEEN themed!!!  It Girl Nail Art has released IG121 and you don't want to miss it!  This plates contains everything you need for a good Hallow's Eve - skulls, jack-o-lanterns, spiders, webs, grave stone, grim reaper, a witch and much more!  I'm going to be sharing 5 manis today I created with the plate and the next blog post will cover another 5.

Now let' get to the manis!

Going to start with classic Jack-O-Lanterns!  These little guys look happy...or are they up to something?  Base is Bohemian Polish Harvest Moon, stamped with Ever After Black Magic topped with matte top coat.

Do you see the next mani?  Well, it surely sees you - with all it's eyes!  These eyes do require some advanced stamping techniques and that creates such a fun "look."  Base is Polish 'M Rustic Pine and the eyes used a multitude of colors (too may to list).  I topped it with a shiny top coat.

Are you a slasher fan?  I'm such a wimp, I couldn't add much to my blood mani.  I can't handle horror.  The blood splatters will provide any Halloween mani extra scare factor - guaranteed A+ (or O negative).  My base is Heather's Hues Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice, stamped with O.P.I. Amor At The Grand Canal and topped with shiny top coat.

Next mani, I had to use my "head" on what to combine with skulls.  (Sorry, totally killing this blog with the cheesy jokes.)  I also had to add an accent nail of the spooky web - which I simply adore!  Base is Pahlish Cozy Blankets (from Polish Pick Up) stamped with Ever After Black Magic topped with matte top coat.

The last mani I'm sharing in this blog post used the spiderweb images.  Don't worry, they are empty webs (for now...buahahaha).  My base is Ever After Black Magic and I stamped with M Polish Snowberry and topped it with matte top coat.

Matte Top Coat - Heather's Hues Heart of the Matter
Shiny Top Coat - Glisten and Glow Top Coat
Stamper - Clear Jelly Stamper Big Bling Stamper
Ribbit's Stickits - Cuticle Cover

Loves: Every image here picked up perfectly!  I got amazing details on the "Spooky" wording, which has very thin lines.

Wishes:  I wish I could show you my manis for tomorrow now - believe me, they get better!!!

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  1. Your stamping is so pretty! Love it all!

  2. You do wonderful work! I'm in love with the pumpkins.

  3. Most excellent Hallowe'en nail art! I love the pumpkins and the eyes.

  4. So many awesome images on that plate! I need it!

  5. I LOVE holiday plates. The first mani you did with the pumpkins looks amazing - I might need this one!

  6. you are amazing at stamping -- make it look so easy! I love all the designs you created!

  7. It's official -- I need to take up stamping. Great looks!

  8. The pumpkins and the skulls are right up my alley. These look like fun plates!

  9. If I didn't have 5 Halloween plates on the way, I would grab this!

  10. I adore the Jack O'Lantern mani, and the skulls as well. What a cute plate this is!

  11. Such gorgeous manis I must give these plates a try x

  12. Those pumpkins are adorable!!! So much love!!!

  13. Awesome stamping! I realize that I have too few plates with halloween and scary stuff on. This one looks great.


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