Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Ehmkaynails Halloween Challenge Recap

Greetings and Nailutations,

Happy Halloween!  I've been participating in a challenge hosted by Michelle of Ehmkay Nails and today was the last day!  I've been posting all my manis on instagram, so all the details will be found there - here you will just find random commentary.

Let's get to the manis!

Day 1: Zombies
This is my boyfriend Bob.  He's a zombie, he isn't into all the superficial stuff.  He loves me for my brains!

Day 2: Vampires
Bats are forms of vampires right?  I've seen it in a movie, so bats are my vampire prompt.

Day 3: Ghosts
Ghosts need to accessorize too, I mean all they have is a sheet.  Let them add a few pieces!

Day 4: Skulls
Skulls and fishnet?  YES PLEASE!

Day 5: Pumpkins
Or Jack O'Lanterns!

Day 6: Witches
Used a polish called "Where My Witches At?" and it was the best decision EVER!

Day 7: Candy
I think my husband and I ate all the Halloween candy, guess we are turning the light off and hiding.

Day 8: Eyes
Pupil-less skulls - that works right?

Day 9: Haunted Houses
When there is a blood bath inside the house and hand prints are of people trying to escape - my mind went to a weird place here.

Day 10: Halloween Geometric
Orange, purple and green - Oh my!

Day 11: Charlie Brown
A C-Brown shirt and the Great Pumpkin!

Day 12: Nightmare Before Christmas
Jack Skellington - I'd totally look tan next to him.

Day 13: Hocus Pocus
I cheated on this day - the polish's name is Hocus Pocus.

What did you think?  This was such a fun challenge, next time I'll have to actually do them on my blog like Michelle did.  Be sure to give her a follow on her Instagram and check out her blog.

Happy Polishing,
Kristi aka BeginNails
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  1. Thanks for joining me, Kristi!!! I loved seeing how your nails came out everyday! I love seeing them all together here!

  2. I enjoyed all your nail arts. Hard to pick a favorites because I love all of them

  3. What a great job.. So many of your manis are to die for. I really love your last purple one but I like them all.

  4. So glad you did a recap as I missed some.

  5. I missed your original ghost post, but I love those! I love that you accessorized them!

  6. What stunning manis! I think the cute ghosts and the fishnet skulls are my favourites.

  7. They're all so fun, but I love your orange with bats!

  8. I loved every single one of your looks for this. I really wish I could have joined you guys!

  9. OMG!! The cow nails are so cool!

  10. Awesome recap! I love the blood/handprint mani is awesome!


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