Thursday, October 12, 2017

Digit-al Dozen: Throwback to Flutterby

Greetings and Nailutations,

It is now Day 4 of the Digit-al Dozen Throwback week.  I'm revisiting times I have dressed up - I'm getting in the Halloween spirit!  I first showed you my Sally mani, then buzzed over to my Bumble costume and yesterday I shared my Clown work uniform.  Today is not necessarily a costume nor a uniform, but just as fun!

Now let's get to the details!

When looking through old photos of dressing up, this one made me stop because the colors.  I realized it would be a great inspiration photo, so I had to pick it.  I know it's not a costume, but it makes me happy because I look so dang happy.  I was on vacation with  my mom and nephew visiting mere in Arizona and we were at the Desert Botanical Gardens about 8 years ago.  They had a butterfly exhibit and this mural was there.

Products used:
Polish 'M - Lemonade (press sample)
Bad Bitch Polish - Butternut
Bluebird Lacquer - Advanced Algebrah (press sample)
Glisten and Glow - Top Coat
Ever After Polish - Black Magic
Clear Jelly Stamper - Big Bling Stamper (press sample)
Born Pretty Store - BP-34 Plate (press sample)
Ribbits Stickits - Cuticle Cover

I started with 1 coat of Lemonade as my base to build the gradient off of.  I used a cosmetics sponge and created a gradient with Lemonade, Butternut and Advanced Algebrah.  I added a top coat and let that dry.  Then after protecting my skin and cuticles with Cuticle Cover, I stamped with Black Magic, the Big Bling Stamper and BP-34 Plate.  Everything is topped again with top coat.

I loved how this turned out!  I hope you enjoyed it too!  Be sure to check out the other Throwback manis below!

Happy Polishing,
Kristi aka BeginNails


  1. Your gradient is seriously flawless!!

  2. These are just perfect! That gradation!!!

  3. Good you were able to keep your old fun photos! Always nice to look back

  4. These are so gorgeous! And I love that big smile!

  5. This is a beautiful mani and how awesome are your costumes!

  6. Gorgeous! Love the colors and the stamping.

  7. Love butterfly wing manicures! I tried freehanding one and it was a disaster lol


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