Thursday, February 22, 2018

Digit-al Dozen: Mythical Pigs Flying

Greetings and Nailutations,

We are on the 4th day of the Digit-al Dozen Mythical Creatures prompt and I've shared a mermaid, marshmallow and dragon manis.  Today I decided to do the elusive and mythical flying pig!!

Let's get to the details!

Products Used:
Polish 'M - Denim (press sample)
Ellison's Organics - Paint It All Clover (Lantern and Wren, press sample)
Clear Jelly Stamper - Big Bling Stamper (Press sample)
Lantern and Wren - Simply Silver Clear Jelly Stamper
Moonflower Polish - Noche, Dia (acquired from Lantern and Wren, press sample)
My Darling Curious - Son Of A Punk
Glisten and Glow - Top Coat
Fab Ur Nails - FUN5 Plate
Winstonia - W102 Plate
Yellow Stopper

I started with a swatch of Denim, a creamy blue.  I topped with this a lovely shimmer to make the sky more "mythical."  After I added a glossy top coat I stamped an winged heart image from W102 onto the 2 stampers and removed the heart (just kept the wings).  I colored in the wings and once they were dry, I added Yellow Stopper to my nails to stamp on the wings.  Once that was done, I used FUN5 Plate adorable little pig face to stamp only the stampers and colored in with Son Of A Punk.  I repeated the Yellow Stopper step and stamped on the pigs.  Everything is topped with a shiny top coat.

And there you have it...pigs CAN fly!!  :)  Be sure to check out the mythical manis below by fellow Digit-al Dozen members!

Kristi aka BeginNails
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  1. Of course we've all heard of this pig and the amazing mythical things he/she can do. Great mani, i love this little piggie.

  2. So cute!! I can’t believe all the mythical creatures I didn’t think of! :)

  3. You guys are all so creative!! You come up with the best ideas!

  4. This is the cutest pig I've seen. IT made me smile, for real!

  5. Seriously Kristi, this made me squeal. It is SO cute and creative. Every day you get more and more creative

  6. These are so darn cute! We're pretty lucky pigs don't fly... bacon would be hard to catch lol

  7. So, so love this! Flying piggies!!!!

  8. Oh, this is so deliciously surreal! Love, love, love. :)

  9. How cute is that! It reminds me of Power Pig from Orson's Farm (Was that what you had in mind?), cape and all!

  10. I really need to get my stamping stuff back out - this is so hilarious!

  11. BAHAHAHAHA! Flying pigs! This is such a great idea and very well executed! LOVE!!


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