Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Purple, Gold and Green Nail Art (All About The Stamp)

Greetings and Nailutation,

Today I'm sharing a nail art look that says Mardi Gras all over it.  The Facebook group All About The Stamp has nail art challenges every 2 weeks and the prompt for the last 2 weeks was Purple, Green and Gold.

Products used:
China Glaze - Mingle With Kringle
Lantern and Wren - Simply Silver Clear Jelly Stamper
Dixie Plate - DP02 (acquired from Lantern and Wren)
It Girl Nail Art - Amethyst, Emerald
Dream Polish - Gem Glam Top Coat (press sample)
Ribbits Stickits - Un-FROG-gettable Cuticle Cover (press sample)

I started with a base of Mingle With Kringle topped with Gem Glam Top Coat.  Once that was dry, I added Cuticle Cover to make clean up easy and stamped with DP02 and both Amethyst and Emerald.  After removing the latex and doing some light clean up I topped it all with Gem Glam Top Coat.

I love how this mani turned out - it wasn't as cool in my head, believe me.  :)  Do you celebrate Mardi Gras?  I found out my boss was raised around New Orleans and was surprised when she left the area that other states don't have the day off.

Kristi aka BeginNails
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  1. oh yeah, Mardi Gras...is that February or March? Honestly until I started blogging, I did think much about it at all. Alaska was pretty removed from all of that.

  2. I don't celebrate Mardi Gras because Im a filthy heathen, but I like cakes.

  3. I totally didn't realize you stamped this and thought it was water marbled!

    We don't really celebrate Mardi Gras but we do celebrate Ash Wednesday, lol. This year though, my kid's school is having a little MG parade so that's neat.

  4. Perfect manicure to celebrate Mardi Gras. I had no clue that it was celebrated anywhere other than New Orleans.

  5. I totally get the Mardi Gras vibe. I have no idea when it actually happens but your nails are perfect for the occasion!

  6. I love these nails for Mardi Gras!

  7. SOon as I saw it I thought Mardi Gras and I thought this was Water marbled!😂 We Don’t besides maybe a king cake! I want to go there sometime!

  8. I looooove Mardi Gras! I wish I had more time to do some manis but will get one up!

  9. I totally thought this was a water marble, not stamping! Very cool!

  10. Your mani is GORGEOUS. I'd love to check out Mardi Gras celebrations one year.

  11. This is a great look for Mardi Gras! I don't really celebrate although I do love New Orleans! I've visited many times although have avoided that time frame intentionally with al the crowds.

  12. Great Mardi Gras mani! Great job!

  13. Fantastic Mardi Gras mani!!! I love it!!!

  14. That's a really nice and festive manicure!


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