Monday, February 5, 2018

26 GNAI: Black and Neon

Greetings and Nailutation,

Today I'm going to share a nail art prompt from 26 Great Nail Art Ideas Facebook Group: Back and Neon.  For most folks in the United States, this is not the time of year to be posting manis with neon colors, I mean most "normal" places get winter - REAL WINTER.  Here in Arizona it's already regularly in the 80's, so neon didn't seem to far fetched to me.

Let's get to the details!

Products Used:
Envy Lacquer - Greed
Dixie Plate - DP02 acquired from Lantern and Wren
Moonflower Polish - Noche acquired from Lantern and Wren
Simply Silver Clear Jelly Stamper - Lantern and Wren
Ribbits Stickits - Un-Frog-getable Cuticle Cover (press sample)
Dream Polish - Gem Glam Top Coat (press sample)

I started with 2 coats of Greed topped with Gem Glam Top Coat.  Once that was dry, I applied Cuticle Cover to make easier clean up and stamped with Noche, DP02 and Simply Silver Clear Jelly Stamper.  I then removed the latex barrier (Cuticle Cover) and did some minor clean up and topped it all with Gem Glam Top Coat.

I'm ready for bright colors, so this will be the first of many!  Be sure to check out the manis below that have some neon and black.

Kristi aka BeginNails
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  1. With snow and more snow around Michigan I can't imagine wearing this neon but if you switched the blue to black then it would be University of Michigan's colors and that I can imagine!

  2. Wow I love this combo!! And that's really saying something because I don't care for yellow on the whole...but I love how striking this is.

  3. Bright and super fun! I remember I have a pendant that has the same color combo

  4. That’s a super cool image! Need that plate

  5. Hehehe! This color combo has to be your inner bee 🐝 lover coming out!

  6. This is such a great colour combination! It's warm for us (79 today!!) so neons don't sound too farfetched to me right now either. Even for those in cold areas, it should get your mind to warmer days!

  7. I'm loving how bold this look is!

  8. This looks really cool! Black and yellow is a great combo.

  9. I first thought this was a splatter mani before I read that you stamped it on! I love the colour combination and the design.

  10. Wow that yelllow is bright. It is a good bright. Heading into spring and summer soon gets me thinking about all the bright colors we get to do.

  11. I love a good splatter mani! I really like the colors.


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