Thursday, February 9, 2017

It Girl Nail Art IG115 Plate Review Part 2

Greetings and Nailutations,

*Press sample*
Today I am sharing the second set of manis I've done using one of It Girl Nail Art's new plates - IG115.  This is the Valentine's Day plate, so if you love...well love, kisses, hearts and the like, this my dear readers is the plate for you!  Please be sure to read all the way at the bottom to find out which images need a little extra TLC.

Now let's get to the details!

The first mani I created I used the most adorable little hearts.  The lines were finer on this image, so I did have to shop through my stamper collection and needed a marshmallow sticky stamper (Creative Shop Stamper) from What's Up Nails.  I started with a base of Mermaid Tears from Chaotic Glitz Polish and stamped with It Girl Nail Art Coral and topped with shiny top coat.  The pointer finger has the word LOVE on it from the plate as well.

The next mani I have for this post is using the "love" text image.  I did struggle with this one and even my marshmallow stamper was splotchy on one nail.  I used Currant from It Girl Nail Art to stamp with over Painted Polish Venice Beach Babe and topped with a shiny top coat.

The last mani is the cute Valentine's letters.  This image also needed the Creative Shop Stamper from What's Up Nails.  I stamped with It Girl Nail Art Amethyst over Girly Bits Cosmetics Hot Shot and topped with a shiny top coat.  I loved the purple over lavender stamping.

If you are thinking...wait - there is 1 larger image I haven't seen!  You are right, there was one image that wouldn't work with any polishes I tried nor any stampers I own and I was disappointed because I love floral images.  The roses would not work with anything I tried.  I'll keep trying and see if I get success and post an update here.  UPDATE:  This plate was re-tooled to make thicker lines for the roses!  Great news!  If you've purchased the thinner lined plate Nichole will provide a 30% refund or you can use 25% off code to use one time.

Out of 8 large images only 1 didn't work for me (yet), which I'm pretty happy with considering many of the images had very fine lines.  I recommend having several types of stampers with this plate as well as different types of stamping polish to use.  (It Girl Nail Art stamping polishes worked on most of the finger lines.)

Other products used:
Heather's Hues - Top That Top Coat
Clear Jelly Stamper - Clean Up Brush, Cuticle Protect (press samples)

Do you have a favorite image on the plate?

Happy Stamping,
Kristi aka BeginNails


  1. So pretty! Love the little hearts :)

  2. The Valentine's letters is the cutest image! This is the perfect V-day image plate.

  3. I really love the hearty manicure!

  4. Her plates are getting better and better, and I think I need to try her polishes.

  5. I love that first look! Teal and pink is such a killer combo!

    1. I was so happy that the pink stamped so well over it! :)

  6. These are so cute! I love the teal with the pink hearts!

  7. I love these manis! I think I adore the one which says love the most!

  8. Oh my gosh - I need these all. The plates are gorgeous and I really like them. I love each of your manis... fabulous.

  9. Oh wow, it looks like those hearts are FLOATING on the holo base! Love ALL the manis, though! <3


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