Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Powder Perfect Exclusive Duo to Lacquer Chic Indie Stockist Swatch and Review

Greetings and Nailutations,

Today I am doing a double review!  I'll be sharing my thoughts on an indie brand and a local indie stockist.  I decided to order an exclusive duo of Powder Perfect polish (Australian indie brand) from Lacquer Chic, an online indie stockist.  I saw a few swatches of the duo and fell in love!

Lacquer Chic shop carries a variety of indies and is local (fellow Arizona resident).  I ordered a few indies along with this duo and my package arrived w/in a few days!  I can't wait to see what other brands get added as Lacquer Chic expands as a growing business.  In just the last week, announcements for 2 new brands to join the store was revealed!

Let's get to some swatches!

First up is Bikini In A Bottle, a gorgeous bright bubble gum pink with red micro glitters.  Formula was creamy and applied easily.  Photos show 2 coats with shiny top coat.

Next is Beach To The Bar, a beautiful purple glitter crelly.  Beach To The Bar contains blue and lavender hexes as well as silver squares and a light touch of blue micro glitter.  I absolutely love purples and this beauty is amazing!    Photos show 2 coats with shiny top coat.

Loves: Lacquer Chic - fast shipping, great customer service and exclusive colors just for Lacquer Chic customers!  Powder Perfect - WOW!  Great formula and fun color combinations.

Wishes:  Lacquer Chic - can't wait to see more brands added to have a larger selection to shop from.  Powder Perfect - I wish I had tried this brand sooner!

Shiny Top Coat: Gem Glam Top Coat from Dream Polish

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