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Daily Hues Fall Collection Part 3 Swatch and Review

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This is the last installment of the Daily Hues Nail Lacquer Fall Collection.  The collection includes satin creme finishes, glitter crellies, holos and glitter bombs.  The collection is due to be released September 1st.  The first blog review was on satin cremes, the second focused on the holos in the collection and this post will focus on the super sparkly polishes.

Now let's get to some swatches!

First up is Ashlyn, a beautiful glitter bomb.  Ashlyn is filled with silver and black holo glitter in gray jelly base.  This polish had me staring at my nails in the kitchen light...I was mesmerized.  Photos show 2 coats with shiny top coat.

Next is Taryn, another glitter bomb.  Taryn has a red jelly base filled with red and silver holo glitter.  What I liked about these glitter bombs is that it looks gorgeous in filtered light as well as simulated sunlight.  Photos show 2 coats with shiny top coat.

Elsa, which blew me away, is a blue-purple shimmer polish with silver holo glitter.  I swatched it on a piece of white paper and saw the blue shimmer, but then decided to swatch it over black and WOW!  I loved how the purple and blue compliment each other in the light.  Photos show 1 coats over black and shiny top coat.

Next is Ashlie, a pretty white glitter crelly.  Ashlie is filled with lavender holo glitter and goes on smoothly.  Photo shows 2 coats with shiny top coat.

Lastly is Ingrid, a silver holo glitter polish filled with hexes in two sizes and micro glitter.  Ingrid is the perfect glitter gradient glitter.  Photos show a gradient over Zoya Sailor and topped with shiny top coat.

Shiny Top Coats: Kitty Polish Scented Top Coat (Gardenia) from

Loves:  Daily Hues is 5-free so it doesn't contain 5 of the nasties that can be in polish.  The sparkle on Ashlyn and Taryn is almost hypnotic - so please wear gloves if you are driving with it on and in the sunshine. :)  Elsa is my one of my top favorites in this collection because of the versatility and the color shifting of blue to purple.

Wishes:  I'd love to see more color shifting shimmer polishes like Elsa!  The sparkle to Taryn and Ashlyn definitely call for more colors to be added!

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