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Love, Angeline Stuck On Love Nail Shields Review

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Love, Angeline has added some new products to her store in the last few months - Stuck On Love Nail Shields.  What are Nail Shields?  The best way to explain them is to describe them as a stencil that goes over your nail and you can paint on polish to create a design.  I used one before which was shown in my first photo in my blog post of my Sunday Six.  In my last order, Natosha (owner of Love, Angeline) was so kind to include her newest set of Stuck On Love Nail Shields to review.

Let's get to some nail art!

The first was a Nail Shield of flying sparrows.  I painted white on my nail, sponged on blue (Ava from Daily Hues Nail Lacquer) and added a quick dry topcoat and let dry.  I easily peeled the Nail Shield off and the cutouts of the sparrows stayed on the backing strip (great, because I can use the birds as stickers in a different mani!).  I placed the Nail Shield over my nail, pressing firmly down on all edges and painted on black.  I let sit for 30-45 seconds and peeled off and SPARROWS!  I also stamped a bird cage on my index finger to give the appearance of the birds escaping!

Next I used a Nail Shield that had polka dots on them.  I painted a light pink (Pink Ferrari from Drip Drop Nail Paint), a quick dry topcoat and let dry.  I easily peeled the Nail Shield off and the cutouts of the circles stayed on the backing strip (now I have circle stickers to use in a separate mani).  I placed the Nail Shield on my nail, pressed firmly and used 3 different colors (Rimmel Black, Lady Lindzle from Drip Drop Nail Paint, I Pink I Love You from 365 Days of Color) to paint over the circle cut outs.  I added a topcoat and bow (from Born Pretty Store) to complete the look.

I wanted to use a Nail Shield with a matte topcoat, so I used Lady Lindzle from Drip Drop Nail Paint and Rimmel Black to create a gradient with a shiny topcoat on top.  I peeled the Nail Shield off that had the fish scale pattern (some of the scales I had to manually poke out) and used a matte topcoat to create almost a fish scale appearance.

Next I used the honeycomb pattern Nail Shield.  I painted my nails black, used a fast dry topcoat.  I then peeled the Nail Shield off the backing strip (a few hexagons did stay in the cutout, so I had to manually remove them)  and then used Star Kiss from Drip Drop Nail Paint to create the yellow hexagons.  I decided to add some purple bee water decals from La Vita E Bella and topped with a shiny topcoat.

The Dreamcatcher Nail Shield was absolutely breath taking.  It is circular in shape and has a lot of detail.  I decided I would cut it in half and use it as a design on the end of my nails.  I painted Emily de Molly Inevitable (silver holo) and Indigo Flow (blue holo) on my nails.  I pulled the Nail Shield off the backing strip and most of the cutouts stayed with the shield.  After removing all the bits the Nail Shield had lost most of adhesiveness.  It took 3 attempts to get one to finally cooperate (decided not to do all my nails), but the pay off was amazing.

The last Nail Shield was stripes.  I had been wanting to re-create a mani based off a blazer I had seen in a magazine and this was the perfect opportunity.  I drew on roses using Drip Drop Nail Paint Got Pink?, accenting with Lady Lindzle and Pink Ferrari and leaves with Skin Deep.  I added a quick dry topcoat and then after it dried peeled the striped Nail Shield off and placed it on my nails and painted black on.  I was really happy with how it turned out.

Loves:  I love that these Stuck on Love Nail Shields add an extra special touch to any mani with nail art.  They are easy to use and quick.  I recommend them for any nail art enthusiast, newbie and expert.

Wishes:  Although I loved the small details of the dreamcatcher Nail Shield, it was a bit time consuming to invidiually remove every little piece of cutout (and some pieces stayed on).  I wish it came already weeded out.  Is that how it's termed?

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Quick Dry Topcoat --> Seche Vite
Shiny Topcoat --> My Dream Polish

Happy Polishing,
Kristi aka @beginnails

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