Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Red Eyed Lacquer Shimmer Me Treasures Quad

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Today I am sharing the Shimmer Me Treasures Quad created by Red Eyed Lacquer.  This quad is a set of cremes, each with a different shimmer.  

Let's get to the details.

Name: Shimmer Me Treasures Quad
Price: $9 each or $32 for the set
Availability: Available Thursday Nov. 19th 11am EST

First up, is Shimmer Me Gold, described as a deep olive crème with a strong gold shimmer.  This is the perfect fall shade, but works with winter as well!  The gold and olive pair so nicely together.  Formula was perfect and was opaque in 2 coats.

My favorite of the bunch is Shimmer me Sapphire.  It is a white crème base with a strong blue/blurple shimmer.  This polish practically glows!  Photos show 2 coats with glossy finish.  (On longer nails, one may need 3 coats for total opacity.)

Next is Shimmer Me Ruby, a light blue crelly with a strong red/gold shifting shimmer.  I really liked the contrasting shimmer in this one.  Photos show 2 coats (longer nails may need 3) with glossy finish.

Last up in the quad is Shimmer Me Amethyst, which is described as a lilac crelly with a strong amethyst shimmer.  Since this shimmer is the same color as the base, it did not pop as much as the others.

Loves:  This was such a fun idea and I like that they are all shimmers.  The formulas on them were really easy to work with as well (many times shimmers will show brush marks) and these smoothed out like butter.  

Wishes: The only thing I'd change would be to keep the lilac shade base, but switch up the shimmer in it to a more contrasting shade.  A green shimmer would really make it pop like the others.

Red Eyed Lacquer

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  1. Shimmer Me Gold, the olive creme with gold, is truly my favorite! It is unlike anything I own, and I can't remember seeing anything like it. Your pix are beautiful!

  2. The red shimmer in the blue polish is just so pretty. That makes it a polish that you don't see everywhere.

  3. Shimmer Me Gold in particular is incredible! I'm really feeling olive hues lately, and this one is spectacular!

  4. That olive color is mesmerizing! I’m in love 💕

  5. Shimmer Me Ruby reminds me of the Sinful "Cinderella" that came out! Thank you for sharing such a great collection!

  6. Beautiful polishes! I'm totally obsessed with Shimmer Me Ruby!

  7. These are really pretty! I like the last one the best!

  8. Shimmer Me Amethyst is my favorite, I love pinkish purples!


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