Sunday, November 29, 2020

December Indie Pick Up: KBShimmer Cozy At Home Hand and Body Scrub

Greetings and Nailutations!

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Today I am sharing with you one of the contributions from KBShimmer for Polish Pick Up and Indie Pick Up!  Stop back tomorrow for the 2nd item!  The theme this month is Everything Is Fine, a play on how 2020 has gone.

Let's get to more details!

Name: Cozy At Home
Cap: No Cap
Price: $10
Brand Description:  Subtle floral notes from vanilla and jasmine add depth, while a very subtle hint of patchouli anchors this intoxicating blend.  

The sugar scrub smells - literally like it's called- COZY at home.  The sugar granularity is fine, not super coarse, which I love for hands - gentle yet rough enough to exfoliate my delicate aging skin.  

Here is a quick before and after - before you can see the dryness on my nails and cuticles.  I used a scoop of scrub and worked it through my fingers and over my nails.  It wasn't too oily and left my skin and nails looking fabulous!

Loves:  I really love the small size of the sugar grains - I can use the sugar scrub as a daily routine self care and it's gentle enough on my skin.  And the scent is pleasing like a hug on a rough day.

Wishes: I wouldn't change a thing!

As a reminder - all Polish/Indie Pick Up products can be purchase on their website December 4th - 7th.  Everything is $3 flat rate shipping.  Join their Facebook Group to find out all the details!


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  1. The Cozy Scrub sounds absolutely divine! And your nails do look more hydrated for sure

  2. This sounds like such a very nice scrub!

  3. I love the KB Sugar scrubs but they last me a long time so I can't go through one in a month. I bet this smells great.

  4. I love sugar scrubs and KBShimmer certainly has some of the best! I’ll have to snag this one for sure!

  5. I am a huge fan of KBShimmer's Sugar Scrubs, and I love that there is always a new fragrance to enjoy with the PPU!

  6. This is such a great scent! I love how moisturizing these are.

  7. I'm using a salt scrub right now but I really want to check out sugar scrubs... KBShimmer always has great scents going!


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