Friday, March 9, 2018

March Monthly Awareness Box Swatch and Review

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Today I'm going to share the Monthly Awareness Box for March, which benefits 10% of sales go to the World Wildlife Fund.  Yes, buying these polishes will help save animals!  As an animal lover myself (orange ginger tabby at home) I was happy to see it as the charity for this month.  As a reminder, all 6 polishes are available for the next 2 weeks - you can also purchase your favorites (but purchasing all 6 is the best deal).

Let's get to the swatches!  *Picture Heavy Post*
Photos taken in filtered light box and LED light.
First up is Chirality Polish's contribution called Be Their Voice.  Be Their Voice is a violet crelly with  blue and silver micro flakies.  It had great formula and photos show 2 coats with both shiny top coat and matte.

Next is Don't Be Bitter, Save The Critters from Geekish Glitter Lacquer.  It is a bright sapphire blue with blue and aqua micro glitter along with green holographic flakies.  Photos show 2 coats with glossy and matte finish.

Keep Friends Close, Anemones Closer (great pun!) is the contribution from Bees Knees Lacquer.  Keep Friends Close, Anemones Closer is a dusty coral linear holo with gold, green, purple flakies and  gold, pink, green shimmer.  It went on with perfect formula and photos show 2 coats with a shiny top coat and matte top coat.

Le Polish has contributed Law Are Not Enough, which is a copper brown crelly with aqua shimmer and multi-colored flakies.  It applied nicely in 2 coats and photos show with both glossy and matte finish.

Keep Calm and Love Animals is from Pretty Beautiful Unlimited is turquoise crelly with purple, green, blue flakies, silver micro flakies and holographic minor glitters.  Formula was impeccable and photos show 2 coats with both shiny and matte top coats.

The last polish is Stewards of the Earth from Sassy Pants Polish.  Stewards of the Earth is a deep plum with amazing color shift and sparkle.  (I have a weakness for purples.)  Photos show 2 lovely coats with a glossy top coat and matte.

You can purchase the entire box or individual polishes on their own for the next 2 weeks and 10% of proceeds go to the World Wildlife Fund.

And how about some nail art I did with a brand new stamping plate I got from Lantern and Wren Moyra Animalistic 04.

Shiny Top Coat: Glisten and Glow Top Coat
Matte Top Coat: Heather's Hues Heart Of the Matter

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  1. I’m happy that they are donating portion of their sales to animal cause. Animal lover here!

  2. I like the Pretty Beautiful one! So very pretty!

  3. What a great box! I love how they are all so unique but all go together at the same time!

  4. The selection in this box is great. I love the nail art you did too

  5. Great box! I really love the stamping over the Chirality polish!

  6. That Pretty Beautiful Unlimited shade is GORGEOUS!


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