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Dream Polish 2018 Spring Releases

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Today I am going to share with you the new releases and Spring scents from Dream Polish!  Dream Polish's new scents release March 14th and include Jelly Beans, Cherry Blossom and my personal favorite Clovers and Dirt.  Vanessa from Dream Polish is also releasing new products too!

Let's get to the details!

First up is the new product Star Dust, which is a sister glitter topper to Dream Dust.  Star Dust is gold micro glitter topper.  I have it shown over Floss Gloss Wet.  Everything is topped with Gem Glam Top Coat in Jelly Bean scent.

Next let's touch upon the 3 scents.
  • Cherry Blossom has a light floral -  I was worried it would be too floral, but it's very light and pleasant.  
  • Jelly Bean has a sweet scent of candy - this is a returning scent and a huge fan favorite!
  • Clovers and Dirt smells of fresh grass and nature - this is one of my top 5 of Dream Polish scents!
The Gem Glow Cuticle Oil is moisturizing and smells good too!  I got Cherry Blossom in the click pen (my favorite cuticle oil packaging as it is perfect for my desk or my purse).  

And I also got bulk super size of Clovers and Dirt!  Thank goodness!  

Now Gem Glam Top Coat - a super glossy quick dry scented top coat.  I received Jelly Bean and Clovers and Dirt.    Below are a few swatches all topped with Gem Glam Top Coat Jelly Bean!  (Believe you me - I'm saving Clovers and Dirt!)

Another new product is Quick Gem Base Coat, a latex based peel off base coat.  I wanted to test this out with some gels that I needed to swatch.  This made the process so quick and painless on removal. 

And of course I have to show it to you in action!

The last product I'm sharing is the new formulated Gem Block Liquid Latex.  I use Liquid Latex in almost every mani with nail art.  It makes clean up so much easier.  Now let me talk about the formula - WOW!  This formula is perfection.  I'll keep using it and share details on any formula changes from beginning of bottle to end of bottle.  Here are some photos!

Loves: So happy to see Clover and Dirt back in the line up.  The clean scent of nature makes me happy (I don't smell that here in the desert).  I'm so in love with the new formula of the Gem Block Liquid Latex as well.  I love the new golden Star Dust, it's a great way to improve a mani.  And lastly, I love the Quick Gem Base Coat - it made swatching gels a breeze!

Wishes: I hope that the new formula of latex comes scented.  I also hope that I see more sisters/cousins of Star Dust and Dream Dust - like a rose gold version, or iridescent versions in different shades.

What are you most looking forward to?  I highly recommend trying out these products and seeing if they work for you!

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  1. I’m not familiar with liquid latex, but now I think I must have some in my life!

  2. I need some liquid latex because my Liquid Palisade dried up. I also would like to try the Cherry Blossom cuticle oil. I must add Dream Polish to my to try list

  3. I need Gem Block Liquid Latex. Wow. Amazing.

  4. Wow! I have such a curiosity about the smell of Clovers and Dirt hahaha. Also, that Base Coat looks like a life changer.

  5. I need that peel off base coat big time.

  6. I want to know what Clovers and Dirt smells like haha! I have to check out their oils I need some more!

  7. I want to know if the base coat works with the gel polishes. I use a latex base coat with all my swatches and it's soo great!

  8. Clovers and dirt! I need it!! And I think i need to try the latex base! Especailly if it works with gels cause the one I use doesn't. It wrinkles underneath the gel when I go to cure it :(

  9. I can't wait to pick up more of her top coat - it is lovely!

  10. I like Dream Polish cuticle oils, they have nice scents!

  11. I’m not familiar with liquid latex. But I need Gem Block Liquid Latex. Wow! Amazing review


  13. I really want that latex peel of coat.

  14. I need the Gold Stardust!!! So pretty over that turquoise base!!


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