Sunday, March 11, 2018

Madam Glam Swatch and Review

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Hello!  Today I'm bringing something new and exciting!  Madam Glam sent me 3 colors and their gel base coat and gel no wipe top coat to try out.  I had purchased gels in the past (kit that came with LED light) and use them while on vacations because I need my mani to last for an extended period of time.

Now let's get to the review!  Photos shown in filtered light box and LED light.

First I'll touch upon the packaging.  I really love that the product comes packaged in a box that contains spongy sides, so that it protects the gels on their journey.

I received a bright coral called Color Me Coral.  Which is perfection for the summer when I'm looking for fun colors.  I used 2 coats each individually cured and topped it with the no-wipe top coat.

I added some fun nail art and re-topped with the no-wipe top coat!

Next polish I tried out was Fairy Tale, which is a great color that goes with everything.  It works as a neutral and work appropriate shade as well!  There a little shimmer in it which makes it extra specials.  Photos show 2 coats with the no-wipe top coat.

Floral art was what this mani needed!

The last polish for today's post is another great summer color called Girl Power - bright neon purple.  I loved the pop of color and the message of the name!

And a little nail art with holo!!

I have a code of you as well.  Madam Glam has great sales throughout the year, but if you catch the shopping bug when one of the sales is not gone, please use beginnails30 for 30% off.

Loves: I love the way the product is shipped!  I've worn other Madam Glam polishes and got 2+ weeks out of them (perfect for vacations).  I also love how quick I can do a mani with the super fast top coat.  Best part is that the no-wipe top coat does not smear nail art at all!

Wishes: I wish I didn't change manis so often so I could really use all my gels, but thank goodness I have a few vacations planned!  :)

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  1. I am allergic to gel polish so I can’t use this but if I could I’d be snatching up that purple!!!

  2. Fairy Tale is beautiful but I also love the flowers you put on top of Girl Power!

  3. I love a good coral shade so Color Me Coral is definitely something I would enjoy a lot.

  4. I’m with you! I love dip powder but I have to wait for vacations since I change my polish too often. These are pretty though!

  5. I get so nervous about using gels because of the removal process, but these are so pretty I'd have to give them a ago.

  6. Ooh, Fairy Tale is beautiful! I still need to try gel polishes!

  7. That purple is sooo bold and fun!

  8. I love your floral manis! Such cute, unique designs!

  9. I'm like you - I love gel for vacation. I love how shiny it is!

  10. That coral is so smooth and shiny! Pretty!

  11. Gel polishes are my go-to for vacations as well.

  12. Fairy tale is soo pretty, love all the stamp work.

  13. These are all very pretty and I love the stamping combo on them all!!! Gorgeous!!


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