Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Atlanta TIS Creative Cuticles Nail Polish and Ribbits Stickits Collaboration

Greetings and Nailutations!

*Press Samples*
This weekend is the 8th Indie Shop!  Can you believe it!?  I was there for the inaugural event and have managed to attend 4 others!  The Indie Shop is being held this weekend in Atlanta with a bunch of indie brand in attendance!  There are lots of shop exclusives and releases of new spring scents and colors!  Today I'm sharing the exclusive collaboration between Creative Cuticle Nail Polish and Ribbits Stickits!  It is inspired by the "In Death" series by J.D. Robb.

Let's get to the details!  *Photos shown in both filtered light box and LED light*

I'll start with the polish which is a gorgeous teal that seriously glows with shimmer.  It is called Purity and is inspired by the "Purity In Death" cover.  When I put this stunner on, I was amazed!  Photos show 2 coats with shiny top coat.

I just had to see what this looked like with a matte top coat and BAM - WOW!

The next product is Frogetaboutit Acetone Additive.  You add this baby to your acetone and it not only adds moisturizing properties to your acetone but it also makes your skin smell delicious!  Frogetaboutit is in the scent Darling Eve and has notes of coffee, chocolate and caramel.  I pick up the coffee and then a soft sweetness.

The last product in the trio is Un-Frog-getabble Cuticle Cover in the scent Bought Any Planes Lately, Ace? which is Irish Cream scented.  Now when I stuck this on my thumb to test out the scent - OH MY GOODNESS!  It smelled sweet and warm, like a fresh hug!  I use latex barrier for almost every mani as seen below!

It does a great job protecting my skin and cuticle area to make clean up easy.  Here is some nail art I did using both Purity and Un-Frog-gettable Cuticle Cover.

Other products used:
Vibrant Vinyls - Fast and Hard Top Coat (press sample)
MPolish - I Need A Vacation, Get Lost
Essie - Forever Yummy
Painted Polish - Woodland Whimsy
Clear Jelly Stamper - Big Bling Stamper (press sample)

Loves: The Irish Cream scented Cuticle Cover - WOW!  It reminds me of the warm bakery scents of wax melts I love.  I also really love in both glossy and matte Purity - I mean this polish glows!

Wishes: I wish I was going to The Indie Shop, there are some polishes I've seen in the Facebook Group that I really want!!

You can purchase this trio at the Indie Shop in Atlanta.

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  1. I love the mani you did with that polish, which is gorgeous! Wish I could go to TIS!

  2. The cuticle cover sounds amazing!

  3. The cuticle cover sounds great!! Love your mani!

  4. THats a really nice emerald, and a fun design on top!

  5. I love that green! It's stunning both matte and glossy.

  6. I love seeing the evolution of your mani! It’s a gorgeous base color!

  7. I'm loving the design, it's so beautiful!

  8. That rose is outstanding. What a pretty manicure.


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