Sunday, July 9, 2017

Lantern and Wren: Marianne Nails No. 77 Plate Review (Continued)

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*Press sample*
I'm back with some more manis continuing my review of Marianne Nails No. 77 Plate, from stockist  Lantern and Wren!  I started my review yesterday with 3 fun manis and will continue with another 4 here!  As a reminder, Marianne Plates are stocked at Lantern and Wren and are manufactured in France.

Now let's get to the manis!

First mani is using an image that contained scrolls and leaves.  The base here is a polish from Lantern and Wren (Ellison's Organics) and I stamped with MPolish Snowberry.  I love how this mani turned out, the matte finish base with a shimmery stamping polish really compliment each other.

Next mani I used Irresistible from Lantern and Wren (Ellison's Organics) as my base.  I selected another image with scrolls (I can't help it, I'm drawn to these whimsical patterns).  I stamped with Painted Polish Woodland Whimsy and left the pinky with a black rhinestone.

Using a floral image on the plate, I stamped with Woodland Whimsy again over Pug Posse Lacquer Aiko's Unicorn.  I wanted to add some dimension to this mani so I topped it off with some golden studs.

The last mani for today I did need the squishy marshmallow stamper due to the fine lines and stamping polish I chose.  I stamped over Unforgettable from Lantern and Wren (Ellison's Organics) with Girly Bits Cosmetics Golden Ticket.

Other Products used:
Shiny Top Coat - HK Girl from Glisten and Glow
Matte Top Coat - Heart of the Matter from Heather's Hues
Stamper - Big Bling Stamper from Clear Jelly Stamper (press sample)
Stamper - Creative Shop Stamper from What's Up Nails
Latex Barrier - Mani Defender from Lantern and Wren (press sample)

Loves: I love that this plate has so many images (12) they are large enough for longer nails and for people (like me) who have teeny nails, I can stamp 2 nails with one image.  I love that each image picked up with crisp lines.

Wishes:  Well obviously after this plate, I wish I knew earlier about Marianne Plates.

Have you tried Marianne Plates?  Check out Lantern and Wren - do you have a favorite that you are eyeing?

Happy Stamping,
Kristi aka BeginNails


  1. OMG, Kristi, all four of your manis are stunning! I have never tried this brand but the results are impressive and so are your stamping skills. I think my faves are the first one (scrolls & leaves) and the gold & green mani. Great work!

  2. All of the manis are stamped so well! The plate must have excellent etching (and your skills are so good!)

    1. The plate is amazing! I had to switch to squishy marshmallow stamper on only 1 mani.

  3. These are some great stamped designs!

    1. So girly and feminine - one of my fave plates!

  4. These are all fantastic! This plate is a winner for sure!

  5. Your stamping came out beautifully!


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