Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Beauty Bigbang Mixed Round Glitter Art

Greetings and Nailutations,

*Press Sample*
Today I am sharing a product I received from Beauty Big Bang, an online store that provides nail art items as well as a ton of other beauty products.  One of my favorite shapes of glitter is circles, so I was drawn to the Mixed Round Nail Art Glitter.

Now let's get to the review.

The Mixed Round Nail Art Glitter comes in different pre-assorted color combinations.  I selected the matte neon orange, yellow and purple because it was screaming summer mani at me.  Here is a macro of the glitters.

I decided to do a little glitter placement mani to show off the shapes and colors.  My base is Great Lakes Lacquer Manna's Magical Masterpiece.  Once I applied my base, I added dots of Glisten and Glow HK Girl Top Coat and used a dotting tool to adhere the dots.  Everything is topped again with top coat.

Beauty Big Bang is shipping from China, so please factor in 10-14 days shipping.

Loves: The dots were easy to apply, came in a fun combination of colors and were the perfect sizes.  I have small nails and ridges and was happy that the size and flexibility of the glitters allowed for perfect application.

Wishes:  I wish the smaller sized dots came in both the purple and orange.

Have you ever used glitter placement for a nail art look?  Have you shopped at Beauty Big Bang yet? I have a 10% off code if you decide to pick up anything.

Beauty Big Bang
Instagram Nail version

Happy Polishing,
Kristi aka BeginNails


  1. round glitter always gets me. I wish it was in more polish.

    1. It seemed like when I first got into the indie world it was everywhere and it's since faded. :(

  2. Those glitter mixes are so cute! I definitely echo Nichole. Circle glitter needs to make a comeback.

  3. BBB has such great glitter mixes! I had fun with these.

  4. Beautiful mani. I'll have to check out this shop!

  5. I love these colours and how you used these glitters for your design!

  6. I love the pastel accents over that green! I would have never thought!

  7. Loose glitter can be so fun to play with!

  8. Those colorful dots are so fun! You could do so many things with them.

    1. So true, I was contemplating flowers or just random dots. :)

  9. I'm loving this mani! Super cute!


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