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Super Nails: LDR Thermal Collection Swatch and Review

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Today I'm sharing a fun thermal collection inspired by Lana Del Rey songs from Super Nails.  So if you are a fan of thermals or Lana Del Rey, this is the collection for you!  (And if you love both, then this collection is perfect for you.)  One thing that was new for me to experience with this collection was thermal glitter.  Yes, that is right, you read that correctly....THERMAL GLITTER!  At first I was apprehensive about it....I mean, can it really work?  YES...YES IT CAN!

Now let's get to some swatches!

First up is my favorite of the three, Blue Jeans.  Blue Jeans is a blue-purple (blurple) glitter crelly that changed to a soft magenta when warm.  It contains blue hexes, teal diamonds, red, pink and turquoise small hexes & pink butterflies.  This thermal was very sensitive and I didn't need to use cold or hot water to get the transition photos.  While I swatched the other polishes, I kept this on upside down to encourage the larger glitters to move to the top of the bottle and when I went to swatch it, there was no glitter fishing.  Formula was easy to work with and applied nice.  Photos show 2 coats with shiny top coat.

Next is a glitter topper called Brooklyn Baby which contains thermal glitter.  The change is subtle, but the peach matte hexes change to white when warm.  Brooklyn Baby also contained iridescent teal, magenta and purple glitters to really make it sparkle.  The thermal glitter was also sensitive and all photos were taken with no warm/cold assistance other than room temperature and body temperature.  Photos show 2 coats dabbed on over Rimmel Black Satin and topped with a shiny top coat.

Gods and Monsters is a plum crelly with small pink hex glitters and black stars and when it's warm it changes to a pink.  Formula was easy to work with and applied evenly.  There was zero glitter fishing  for the stars.  This polish wasn't as sensitive as the other 2 and did need a little thermal assistance with an ice pack to get my tips to turn plum.  I love the accent of the black stars.  Photos show 2 coats with shiny top coat.

The last thermal is called Diet Mountain Dew.  Diet Mountain Dew is a dark forest green glitter crelly that shifts to a lighter green when warm.  It contains green hex glitter in a few sizes and shades.  This polish was sensitive as well and required no temperature assistance.  Photos show 2 coats with shiny top coat.

Shiny Top Coat: Gem Glam Top Coat from

Loves: I love the sensitivity and colors of Blue Jeans and the butterflies are the perfect touch.  I also loved my first experience with thermal glitter.  I am now intrigued by thermal glitter and want to play with it more!  I also love the green shades of Diet Mountain Dew.  Super Nails products are also all 5-free, so they don't contain 5 of the harsh chemicals that can be found in polish.

Wishes:  I love this collection!  I almost wish it was a full CD full of songs....because I would love to see what KC (owner of Super Nails) could come up with!  I'm glad I did pick up some of her other thermals...which you shall see later!

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