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It Girl IG103 Stamping Plate Review Part 2

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Today I have the second half of the review of the new stamping plate IG103 from It Girl.  It Girl is based out of Tacoma, Washingtong (my home state!) and has the 3 initial plates on their store. One thing I noticed first off is that the surface of the plates isn't as reflective as others, which I prefer as it makes taking photos a LOT easier!  I was able to capture each image and get a macro of each.

Now let's get to some manis!

First up is the 'snowflake' like image.  I started with Super Nails' Gods and Monsters (a pink to purple thermal) with an accent of Ciate London Talent Scout and stamped Drip Drop Nail Paint's (DDNP) Tighty Whities over it with a What's Up Nails Creative Shop Stamper (WUN CSS) and topped it all off with a shiny top coat.  I loved how this plate picked up every little detail.

Next I used the image that looked like mechanical gears.  I started with Jenna Hipp's (JH) Damage Control and then added ZoDi Polish Selene and stamped with WUN CSS and JH I Cast A Spell On Blue to really get the image to pop.  Then added a shiny top coat.

The next mani, the floral leafy image was used.  I started with Super Nail' Diet Mountain Dew (a green glitter jelly thermal), then I stamped with WUN CSS and MPolish Sweetclover.  I then topped it with a shiny top coat.  I really like the play on greens in this mani.

Then I used the "computer chip with love" image.  It really does look like a computer circuit with a heart.  I started with DDNP Yoga Pants and added ZoDi Polish Athena as my base.  Then I stamped using WUN CSS and MPolish Apricot Delight.  The final step was shiny top coat.  I then added a gold bow charm from Daily Charme.

The last image reminded me of intricate iron designs on gates.  I started with Loreal Masked Affair and stamped with WUN CSS and DDNP Yoga Pants.  Then I topped it all off with shiny top coat.

Other Products used:
Lickity Split Latex Mani Mask: Ellagee Polish
Shiny Top Coat Gem Glam Top Coat: Dream Polish
Matte Top Coat: Girly Bits Cosmetics Polish Matte'rs
Stamper: What's Up Nails Creative Shop Stamper

Note: IG103 plate is etched deeper than most plates, so if you do not use a lint free wipe, expect to get fuzz stuck on the plate.  Fear not...all you need to do is rub your finger over the images and it comes off in a little lint ball.

Loves: I love the image selection of this plate.  The image sizes are large and covered my entire nail with extra room, in fact I have small nails, so I was able to stamp 2 nails with each image!  I really was impressed with this plate and I'm excited to see what other images will be coming out!  She will also have the option to create your own (with minimum of 16 plates purchased).  I did order the other 2 plates and maybe an extra for a blog reader!

Wishes: I wouldn't change anything.  And I can't wait for the create your own plates!!

Which image is your favorite?

Happy Polishing (and Stamping!),
Kristi aka @BeginNails

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