Friday, March 27, 2015

Born Pretty Store Mixed Abstract Patterns Nail Art Stamping Plate Review

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Today I will be sharing a product that I received from Born Pretty Store, which is an online store that sells nail art supplies, tools, polish, decals, and even home goods and clothes!  Born Pretty carries affordable products and you can purchase in bulk as well.

The product I am reviewing today is the Mixed Abstract Patterns Nail Art Stamp Template Image BP28 Plate (item: 17911).  It contains 4 designs that are floral and whimsical.  It is shown on the far right in the image below.  All plates from Born Pretty Store arrive with a blue protective film.  It is easily peeled off to reveal the images etched into the plate.

Now let's get to some manis!

First up I used a whimsical design on the plate.  The base is Costume Jewelry and it is stamped with Tighty Whites both from Drip Drop Nail Paint topped with a shiny top coat.  The image picked up perfectly and provided clear lines with no issues.

Next is the floral design, which I placed over Exotic Lacquers Original Sin using Drip Drop Nail Paint Yoga Pants topped with shiny top coat.  The plate provided clean image pick up and placement.  This is my favorite image on the plate.  

Next is the abstract image on the plate which also picked up perfectly, and even had small circles.  In my previous experience with plates only high quality plates will pick up them up.  In this mani I used Exotic Lacquers Purple Haze from Exotic Lacquers and stamped with Yoga Pants from Drip Drop Nail Paint and topped with a shiny top coat.

The last images is another whimsical design which has a lot of small dimensional shapes which also picked up perfectly.  I used Exotic Lacquers Twister as the base and stamped with Jenna Hipp We Are Mint To Be and topped with a shiny top coat.

Shiny Top Coat:  Gloss It from Krafty Gurl Designs and Gem Glam Top Coat from

Loves:  Love that each image picked up and transferred to my nails perfectly.  Even the small dimension images and shapes had no issues.  I also liked the size of the images, it didn't leave any part of my nail absent of an image.  All products from Born Pretty Store are super affordable as well.  

Wishes:  Very pleased with this plate!  Great images!  I look forward to other BPS plates.

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