Monday, January 20, 2014

Super Nails Winter Collection

Greetings & Nailutations!

*Press Sample* Today I bring you another review of Super Nails.  I love the glitter combinations KC (IG username: @kseagale) comes up with - her mind must be very sparkly!  This collection is her winter collection & is full of fun!  I also included swatches from 2 other of her polishes (February Birthstone & a Valentine's Day glitter topper).

First from the winter collection is Snow Bunny, which is a pretty glitter topper.  It has white small, medium and large hexes, lavender medium, small hexes as well as square lavender glitters and beautiful pink snowflakes.  In the photos I have it over a navy blue (Sailor by Zoya).  Glitter fishing was required on this polish due to the size difference in glitters - I used a bamboo stick because I found it is a great glitter fishing rod! haha

Next up is Snow Day.  I saw the iridescent glitter in this one & knew I wanted to use a dark color to make them pop!  I used the same navy blue as above & when I swatched it I was amazed at all the colors that glittered. Warning: if you purchase this polish, it is VERY distracting (in a good way), and you will be staring at your nails all day.  It contains multi-colored iridescent glitters along with silver holo snow flakes.  No glitter fishing was required on this polish.

Last of the Winter Collection is Fresh Powder Snow.  I really wanted to show the beautiful glitter, so I kept with the trend of using the navy blue & was hit by blue-green iridescent glitters along with the white snow flakes.  I also added an extra snowflake using a snow flake charm from Daily Charme.  Due to the small difference in glitter sizes, glitter fishing was required.

The next swatches are from her Birthstone Collection - February Amethyst.  A pretty lavender glitter topper with hexes & squares and micro purple holo.  It is topped over a lavender & dark purple polish.

And this last swatch is from her Valentine's Day Collection called Love You To The Moon And Back. It is adorable!  And no glitter fishing!  Topped over white & pink polish.

And those are the beauties I have for you from Super Nails.  All can be found on her shop on Etsy Super Nails.

Happy Polishing,
Kristi aka @beginnails

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