Thursday, January 9, 2014

Ruby White Tips Review & Giveaway

Greetings and Nailutation,

This review is on Ruby White Tips, which I actually found on Etsy.  I decided to purchase a few colors that looked pretty to me & Laura was kind enough to throw in 2 extras!  I also bought extras, so the giveaway will included 4 random polishes from her line.

Onto some swatches!

The first is from the Breaking Bad collection (which I now understand the names as I am currently watching Season 3!).  This beauty is called Cleptomaniac for Marie.  It is a gorgeous shade of purple with a shimmer to it.  Easy application, great formula & can we focus on the lid for a second?  How freaking adorable is that decorated lid?

Second swatch is also from the Breaking Bad collection & it is called Better Call Saul.  This is a shimmery pearl opal color.  This is 3 coats, but this color would also be perfect for a french manicure with 1 coat.  I loved the color of this one, although there was some slight texture seen in the formula (ring finger shows some of it).

Next is a lovely blue, called You Sea Me?  This blue is perfection in a bottle.  If you combined pearl, blue and creamy, this would be what you get.  You Sea Me? was my absolute favorite (which I don't see selling on her easy anymore).

Lastly is Pussy Wagon.  In the bottle and in filtered light it was a rustic pearl color, but in the right light, the color transforms (as seen in the last photo).  It is shimmery and different colors pop out.  I love a polish with a surprise.

Pros: great colors & effects with the pearl & shimmer - drooling over some of the gorgeous colors she has in her store now.  I can't get over Ashley Rose which combines thermal and holo!  Loved the cute lids, a little hand touch artistic embellishing always makes something extra special.  Overall formula was great & easy to apply, plus fast drying times.  Another thing that is heart warming, is that she has a collection where 50% of the proceeds go to Bat World Sanctuary in Texas.  Bats are easily misunderstood creatures and I am glad that she sees the beauty in them.

Cons: only little issue I had was with the formula in Better Call Saul, but it still looked beautiful on & wasn't a problem in application.

And the good news is that I have these exact 4 polishes (brand new, 2 bought with my own money & 2 from Laura herself) for a giveaway!  US address only, & 18+ (if you are under 18, but can prove parental consent should you with an IG insta-vid, you may enter).  Fill out the widget below!

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Happy Polishing,
Kristi aka @beginnail

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