Sunday, January 26, 2014

Super Nails Birthstones and Night Life

Greetings and Nailutations!

*Press Sample* I know what you are thinking…another Super Nails Review?  But I can't help it!  The glitter combinations, shapes and colors are amazing!  I must share!  All the sparkly goodies can be purchased at Super Nails store on Etsy which also includes cute studs.

Today I will be sharing two birthstone polishes (March and May) as well as two other polishes that are available on her store.

First up is March, which is Aquamarine - a soft light blue, which contains 3 different hex sizes of this delicate pale blue.  As March approaches, spring colors are most popular, so I used a yellow and pink undie to highlight the soft blue and topped it off with turquoise circle studs.  Pinky and thumb show 2 coats, while triangles are dabbed on.  If you are a March baby or love soft baby blue, this is the most perfect polish for you!

The next birthstone is May, which is Emerald, a beautiful bold green.  I love this bright green glitter topper.  Here I have it over a pale pink undie and used tape to dab it on half my nail.  Great spring color to add to any pastel!  This glitter topper includes 4 different hex sizes in this green.  If you love green or were born in May this is perfect!  This may also get some use over Christmas and St. Patrick's Day - I love a versatile glitter.

Going Through Phases is a fun glitter topper/glitter bomb.  It is jam packed full of glitter, with no fishing required.  In the photos I have it over a black because it is best to see the moon and stars at night.  This glitter polish contains silver crescent moons, two different sized silver circles, micro silver hexes, the occasional silver bar and silver holo shards.  I did a glitter gradient on my nails, but ring finger is glitter placement of the crescent & circles.

Lastly is City Lights, which is my favorite.  It contains purple, magenta and silver hexes in multiple sizes and a bar glitter here or there.  It is most definitely a glitter bomb.  Thumb and ring finger show 2 coats, while other fingers show a black/grey gradient with a strip of the glitter bomb in the middle.  Beautiful combination of glitters!

Loves:  As usual KC (owner of Super Nails) out did herself with glitter combinations.  She knows the shape, size and colors that will work well together.  I haven't been disappointed in a polish from her yet & I've swatched quite a few of her polishes.  (I mean, this is my third blog review of her glittery goodies!)

Improvements: None!  I love seeing what KC comes up with.

Super Nails Info
IG: @kseagale
FB: Super1Nails
Etsy: Super Nails

Happy Polishing,
Kristi aka @beginnails

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  1. I just can't get over how amazing your swatches are! I am in love! <3 Thanks again so so so much!
    ~ KC


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