Sunday, January 19, 2014

Beginnails' Sunday Six Week 7

Greeting & Nailutations!

What a week!  I was so excited this last week.  A mani I had in my Sunday Six last week was featured on Nail It Magazine's Facebook Page as well as their Instagram!  I was really happy (grinning ear to ear more like it), but more excited for the indie brand that I was featuring for that mani.  I squealed a lot!

OK, onto my Sunday Six!

The first is a swatch from Love, Angeline called Aurorae.  Blog post done on these last week as well - I LOVE this glitter bomb.

Next is a fun swatch for Super Nails called Amethyst for her birthstone collection (February).  Topped it over a lavender & dark purple & added a fun tape design & stud on the accent nail.

This third mani is also a Super Nails glitter topper called Love You To The Moon And Back for her Valentine's Day collection.  Cute silver holo hearts, stars & crescent moons were floating in black glitter.

Next is a fun glitter crelly with turquoise & purple glitter.  I added 2 leopard print nails with matching colors.

Used a Zoya Pixie Dust (a glittery textured polish) called London.  Truthfully, I have issues with textured polishes…I can't handle the….well texture of it.  So after this photo, I add a top coat & it is smooth.  With topcoat, Pixie Dusts are still gorgeous, but not as textured.

Lastly is my tribute to the Seahawks, playing today!  GO HAWKS!

Happy Polishing,
Kristi aka @beginnails

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