Monday, December 23, 2013

Super Nails Review

Greetings & Nailutations!

*Press Sample* Today I am doing a super gittery post, reviewing Super Nails, a 4-free, Cruelty free, vegan indie company.  Super Nails is a new indie line, founded in October of 2013.  Super Nails prides itself in "made to order, which means I hand blend each of the glitters after a customer orders.  Adds that extra quality care and individuality to every bottle."

Super Nails can be bought on Etsy here: Super Nails

I received a wonderful surprise from Super Nails containing 6 glitter toppers she is currently working on.

Birthday Party is a rainbow in a bottle.  With hexes, shards, and squares this polish is truly a birthday party!  This is a perfect addition to any addict’s collection to have that 1 glitter topper that can go over pretty much ANY color.

Dark Horse is a spirited glitter topper with silver holo mini bars, medium and small silver & black hexes, medium and small silver squares & black shards.  Dark Horse is jam packed full of glitter so that in just 3 coats I was able to get full coverage.

Punk’d totally looks like its name.  It is strictly red & black; red stars, hearts, bars, shards, medium & small hexes and black circles, bars, medium and small hexes.  All glitters were available easily so that even a mini bottle does not require any glitter fishing!

January Garnet is a beautiful glitter topper containing the two colors you see in a garnet: red & purple.  The combination of red & purple is festive for the holidays, great for January babies & lovely for a special Valentine’s mani.  The warmth in the colors adds a sparkle to any finger adorned by the January Garnet. 

Wanna Have Fun is a colorful combination of squares, hexes & circles.  I am a sucker for circle glitters.  The best thing is no glitter fishing even in a mini-bottle.  There were circles available in each pull of the brush.

Faerie is a glitter topper with different shaped iridescent glitter.  What I like best about iridescent glitter is that it is very versatile & can be worn over any color to add extra dimension.  Over a dark color the different colored iridescent glitters sparkle, while over a light color (like white) it gives the effect of frozen snow.  The best thing about this polish is that it glows a bright green on light colors. 

Pros: What I love most about Super Nails Polish glitters is the fact that each are made to order & the bottle is packed full of glitter.  I had previously bought the December Birthstone (my birthstone) and even the full bottles are full.  Each glitter topper has its own personality which is seen in the name & glitter combinations.  The current collection just announced is on comic book characters!  Who doesn't love a collection with an original theme?  

Cons: Wow….I am trying to think of some area for improvement, but I can't.  I am truly excited about this brand and looking forward to seeing the new glitter combinations!

Happy Polishing,
Kristi aka @beginnails

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