Friday, December 6, 2013

Dainty Digits Holo Galaxy Set I Review & Instagram Giveaway

Greetings and Nailutations!

*Blogger Package* The blog post today is reviewing the "new kid on the block", Dainty Digits Polish.  Dainty Digits Polish (DDP) is still in it's toddler stage, just starting in August of this year & can be purchased here Dainty Digits Polish.  I tried out 7 holo polishes from the Galaxy I Mini Set and was BLOWN away.  I swatched each color & didn't want to remove them to try the next!  I ended up using a few for some nail art, which I also will include in the photos.  I believe DDP will be the next up and coming polish that everyone will be setting their calendars for release dates!  Dainty Digits is open to taking risks in colors for holo polishes and it has all paid off.  I have already ordered more holos & some of her other products to test & review.

I was so happy with the set, I ordered a 2nd set with my own money as a giveaway, details below, but first lets get to some swatches!  Most of my photos are taken in my lightbox which filters the light so the holo hides, but I took photos of each polish in my kitchen light which makes the holo hit you in the face! BAM!

The first holo I swatched was a dark blue called Wish Upon A Star.  It is so beautiful even in the filtered light!  Then you throw it under the right light/sun light & it explodes in holo yumminess!

The next holo was a golden yellow (which is my favorite color & I had been eyeing this one for a while) called Sunshine N' Lollipops.  Since it is my favorite color I have plenty of photos to show it off.

The third holo is a slick silver called Milky Way.  It is so clean, it made for a great nail art back drop.

I added some tree patterns, and an accent nail of holly & strips.  I used Winstonia Plate W102 for this design.

Next up is a hot red holo called Mercury Sunrise.  This one also had a twinkle in the filtered light box.  I love a dark holo that still sparkles in filtered light.

I used Nailz Craze Plate NC2.

The fifth holo swatched is a beautiful soft purple called Jumpin' Jupiter Flash.  I was so in love with this one, I had to do a teaser on Instagram.

I used Winstonia Store plate W102 for the snow flakes & a charm from Daily Charme.

Next up is an electric green called Earth Angel.  It is so edgy and flashy, this also made for a cute back drop to nail art.

Last is a mysterious black holo called Black Hole Sparkle.  I had been waiting to try a black holo and I fell in love with it as it it up with sparkly holo goodness.


Pros: gorgeous colors, great price, wonderful customer service - discounts for nail technicians!
Cons:  With this set, I have no cons or areas for improvement and am looking forward to the next blog review!

I absolutely love all the holos from this set and can't wait to see what else is in store from Dainty Digits Polish!  I love it so much I purchased an extra set for a winner on Instagram.  To win you will just need to repost the image that has all the swatches from this set, be following me (@beginnails) & also Dainty Digits Polish (@dainty_digits_polish) and hashtag #begindaintygalaxy1giveaway.  Additional details can be found on my instagram account.

Happy Polishing,
Kristi aka Beginnails

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