Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Beauty Big Bang Watermarble Tool Review

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Today I am sharing a water marble tool I received from Beauty Big Bang.  Water marble tools are used in place of pins, toothpicks and other pointy objects to create a water marble design with nail polish in water.  They can be cleaned with acetone and can be used over and over (unlike a toothpick which can only be used a certain number of times before it starts falling apart on you).

The water marble tool has an easy grip handle and worked amazingly for me.  I used a base of Tiramisu For Two from O.P.I. Products and for water marbling, I used Girly Bits Cosmetics Beautiful Soul, Love Yourself First and Denim and Diamonds.  Everything is topped with Glisten and Glow HK Girl Top Coat.

Beauty Big Bang is shipping from China, so please factor in 10-14 days shipping.

Loves: Water marble tools provide such an easy way to create water marbles with less hassle.

Wishes: I do wish there was a cap so that I can protect the sharp end so that there is less of a chance of poking myself.

Have you shopped at Beauty Big Bang yet? I have a 10% off code if you decide to pick up anything.

Beauty Big Bang
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  1. I've been debating on picking up a water marbling tool. I currently just use toothpicks (and actually have a dedicated container at my desk for this very purpose), but I do like the idea of a single tool that is reusable for the long term. I'll have to remember to keep my plastic caps that come on my brushes to put on top of this to make sure I'm not stabbing myself!

  2. This seems like such a great product! I'd be all over it if I watermarbled.

  3. I bought a watermarble tool recently. It was a lot better than toothpicks and the dotting tool I had been using.

  4. I love my water marble tool. I honestly can't imagine going back to using a toothpick.

  5. oh, i'd like to get one. sounds like it's worthwhile

  6. Those tools have completely changed watermarbling for me. I never had much success before I started using one.

  7. When I read your headline, I honestly thought it was a tool that would automatically create watermarble designs directly on the nails LOL. If such a thing existed, I would buy a dozen!

  8. I always use toothpicks, but I bet this would be much more precise!

  9. I could use a tool for marbling, maybe then mine wouldn't turn out so bad.

  10. That tool sounds great, but I have no idea how to water marble.

  11. Gorgeous water marble. I've been toying around the idea of getting a tool like this!

  12. Nice manicure! Unfortunately I've to practice more before obtaining a good water marble!!


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