Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Red Eyed Lacquer's Pregnancy Cravings Quad

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Today I am sharing the Pregnancy Quad from Red Eyed Lacquer.  Bianca is due with a little bundle of joy and had a great idea of making a quad inspired by cravings.  This is such a cute idea and I was excited to see what the names were as she had the fan group provide input.  

Let's get to the details!
Price: $40 for all 4, or you can purchase them separately for $11
Available: Thursday 3/26 11am EST

The first polish is a shimmer called Peaches and Pickles.  It is a medium pink base with kiwi-lime shimmer.  This polish so beautiful and if you keep scrolling, you will see the magic of it!  Below shows 2 coats with glossy top coat.

Ready for the magic?  IT STAAAAAAAMPS and it shifts!!!

Next is a thermal called Lavender Ice Cream.  This polish is mint when warm and pale purple when cold with green-blue/fuchsia-gold shifting flakies, purple/pink/aqua shifting flakies and aqua/green/gold shifting shimmer.  Photos show 2 coats with glossy top coat.  I did use a cold pack for some of the photos.

I also had to mattify it.

The next thermal is called Raspberries and Ramen, which is a raspberry-light pink thermal with orange/pink/gold shifting flakies and aurora shimmer.  This thermal is very subtle and I needed a cold pack to see the change.

Ring finger slightly lighter.

Matte finish.

The last photo, and my favorite is Baby Whale Gummies.  This thermal is a blue to nude thermal with strong copper shimmer.  It was very sensitive and needed little to no cold pack.

This one stamps too!

Loves:  I've always loved fun thermals and Baby Whale Gummies is stunning!  I love that it stamps along with Peaches and Pickles.  The shift in Peaches and Pickles is amazing!!

Wishes: I love a strong thermal, I do wish that Raspberries and Ramen had more of a striking change in shade, but I since I love the shade either way, it will work for me.  Plus it is stunning mattified too!

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  1. Peaches and Pickles. Peaches and Pickles. Peaches and Pickles. I love that polish.

  2. Love the idea behind the names. Cravings indeed

  3. This is a pretty collection! Plus I like how she labels the thermals. I know the other day I put on a polish went about my night and then was taking the dog on in the morning and it changed colors! I was most surprised but excited too!

  4. Whaaaa it stamps!? It's my favorite one! Love this.

  5. Gosh, I would crave all of these and have never been pregnant! I love the fun shimmers in these


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