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Polished Gamers Collaboration Box - Resident Evil

Greetings and Nailutations...and Waxutation....and a whole lot more!

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Today I have the blog post of all blog posts!  A total of 23 brands came together to collaborate on this month's Polished Gamers Box inspired by Resident Evil.  It will be available the 15th of March at 2pm EST.  Some items are capped, which I will have with each item review along with the price and brand description as well as my own thoughts.  All items will be shown in alphabetical order.

Let's get to the details!

All Mixed Up Lacquers
Product Name: S.T.A.R.S. Mani Bomb
Price: $4
Cap: 30
Brand details: Fun white/blue mani bomb with little gold stars.  Crisp outdoors scent with notes of orange sector and violet.

My thoughts: The packaging kept the scent locked tight, which means it will stay fresh!  I utilized it in a plastic container.  The fizzy action was hypnotic and the oils and clay resulted in my nails, cuticles, and skin looking fantastic.  The glitter stars were not water soluble, so I did pick them out of the water once finished to stick in a paper towel and dispose of properly.

Post soak.

Atomic Polish
Product Name: What're Ya Buyin?
Price: $11
Cap: 75
Brand details: Base color shifts between bright purple and indigo blue, while the flakes dispersed throughout shift between purple/green and purple/blue.

My thoughts: This polish made me mutter "what a beauty" when I opened it.  For those that know me, I am a purple lover and this polish did not disappoint.  It's a jelly, it has shift and looks amazing both glossy and matte.  Formula was on the thicker side for a jelly, but made it opaque in 2 coats and was easy to work with.

Product Name: Tonal Shift - Acetone Additive Trio
Price: $11
Cap: 75
Brand details: Moisturizing additive for acetone to make nail polish removal less harsh on your skin and nails.
Three different scents:
T-Virus - vanilla ice cream with mixed berry jam drizzle
G-Virus - blackberry cobbler รก la mode
Anti-Virus - snickerdoodle ice cream

My thoughts: I am a huge fan of acetone additive.  It has made nail polish removal easy and better for my skin, nails and cuticles.  I utilize tubs of acetone and after shaking the additive, pour it in and no chalky residue on my skin!

Shake shake shake.

Pouring Tonal Shift into my acetone.

Post acetone dip with Tonal Shift.

Color Spectrum Polish
Product Name: Fight Your Way to Freedom
Price: $11
Cap: 40
Brand details: Dark grey base loaded with burnt orange holo glitter, copper microflakies, rainbow iridescent flakies and purple to green to gold shifting ucc flakies.

My thoughts:  Flakes - check.  Crelly - check!  Photos show 2 coats with both glossy and matte top coat.  Love the teeny flakes in this polish.  Depending on application, may need 3 coats for total opacity.  Polish dries down darker than initially applied.

Colores de Carol
Product Name: Jill Sandwich
Price: $11
Cap: None
Brand details: Medium periwinkle shade with iridescent and UCC flakies

My thoughts: This color makes me smile.  It's the perfect spring shade and I love the delicate addition of flakies.  Photos show 2 coats with both glossy and matte top coat.  Formula is perfection.

Copacetic Cosmetics
Product Name: Who Gets To Live?
Price: $11
Cap: 20
Brand details: Sickly sweet fruit punch flavored red lipgloss.

My thoughts: Over the past year I have been religiously wearing a lip shade.  I was excited to try a new brand and this dark fun shade.  It had a doe foot applicator and applied nicely to my lips.  I absolutely LOVED how it looked on me and it will be regularly rotated into my lip shades.  I did not notice any flavor, but that did not take away from this product at all.  After 6 hours, I checked for movement (I'm aging - early 40's here) and lip glosses can sometimes cause feathering.  Copacetic Cosmetics lip gloss stayed put!  There was slight wear, but nothing out of the normal.  I was so pleased - I will definitely be checking this brand out!

After wearing for 6 hours and eating 1 meal, no re-application.

Crystal Knockout
Product Name: R.E.A.
Price: $10
Cap: None
Brand details: Blue metallic base with a green glow and holographic shimmer.

My thoughts: Lovely calming shade that applied with perfect formula.  Photos show 3 coats for full opacity with glossy top coat.

Ethereal Lacquer
Product Name: Luger Oil
Price: $8
Cap: None
Brand details: Luxurious cuticle oil with gold leaf flakes and a sugary honey cotton candy fragrance with a touch of watermelon.

My thoughts: That packaging!!!  Just take a look at how luxe it is!  The packaging is fun and the scent is sugary sweet.

Geekish Glitter Lacquer
Product Name: We're Going To Make It. Both Of Us.
Price: $10
Cap: None
Brand details: Ultramarine blue base with a metallic silver shimmer, red holographic micro shreds and a holographic black glitter mix.

My thoughts: Beautiful shade of vibrant blue!  The red flecks really make this polish come alive!  The best part is that this polish is a 1 coater - there is something about 1 coaters that makes so happy. Photos show 2 coats (however 1 coat covered completely) with glossy top coat.

Heaven Scent
Product Name: Herbal Trio
Price: $11.50
Cap: 36 sets with Mica, 6 sets without Mica
Brand details: A trio of perfume!  You can wear them solo, or combine and layer them to create fun new scents.
Green - Lavender Vanilla
Blue - Spearmint
Red - Fresh Apples

My thoughts: I've purchased from Heaven Scent before have enjoyed the scent combinations.  I love that the base is oil, so it's not drying and I can add it to my hair without drying it out.  I'm always a little worried about the mica because I feel as if I'm too old to wear body color/shimmer, but as you can see after shaking the bottles, no mica is obvious on my pale translucent skin.  :)  My favorite of the 3 is Red - Fresh Apples - YUM!

Me sniffing Fresh Apples.  :)

Indie by Patty Lopes
Product Name: Rescue of the President's Daughter
Price: $11
Cap: 13
Brand details: Blue/light blue duo chrome base with micro holo flakes.

My thoughts: WOW!  This vibrant sparkly gorgeous number looked amazing on my nails and I didn't want to take it off.  Act quick - only 13!  This polish has great formula and was opaque in1 coat.  Photos show 2 coats with glossy top coat.

Jewelry by RPF
Product Name: 30" necklace inspired by Jill Valentine
Price: $12
Cap: 15
Brand details: Hand painted glass cabochon using turquoise blue nail polish with gold shimmer, some yellow micro flakies and yellow matte micro glitter.  It is set in a bright gold base and comes with a gold 30" necklace.  It has a lobster claw closure, but is long enough to be able to lift over your head.

My thoughts: Beautiful pendant necklace that can be worn both with the cabochon and polish showing or reversed for a gold design!  Great length for layering necklaces too!


Moon Shine Mani
Product Name: Mr. X
Price: $12
Cap: None
Brand details: Deep teal jelly filled with micro holo flakies and purple to sapphire chameleon flakies.

My thoughts: I love this polish under the LED lighting - look at that sparkle!  One of my favorite things about Moon Shine Mani are the wide paddle brushes - it makes polish application a breeze.  Photos show 2 easy coats with glossy top coat.

MTK Design
Product Name: Fum Fum Fum
Price: $12.50
Cap: 50
Brand details: Pale chartreuse green with warm cools to a dark olive with iridescent gold/green flakies and a strong shifting shimmer from green to blue to purple.

My thoughts: This is one of those ugly pretty shades that I can't wait to bring out in the fall to do Autumn leaves.  It is a subtle thermal and the flakies add so much depth to it.  Photos show 2 coats with glossy and matte finish.

 Ring finger shows transition.

NeVerMind Polish
Product Name: Umbrella
Price: $4
Cap: None
Brand details: Umbrella Corp logo and RE vinyls.

My thoughts: I have toddler hands...I have small nail beds.  I was so excited that these fit my nails perfectly!  I created a few looks with the vinyls and if you check out the make up posts, you will recognize the vinyls as my swatch stencil too!

Psyche Minerals
Product Name: Under the Umbrella
Price: $7.50
Cap: None
Brand details: A beautiful russet red with grungy vibes.

My thoughts: I wasn't sure I could pull off this rusty metallic red shade...I mean it's red!  But boy, did I love it!  My favorite is applying it wet to get a nice sheen.

 Top swatched dry, bottom swatched wet.

 Wet swatch 

 Dry Swatch

End of day, still on!

Red Eyed Lacquer
Product Name: T Virus
Price: $5.50
Cap: 25
Brand details: Blend of blood orange and tropical citrus twist.

My thoughts:  Juicy orange citrus!  YUM!  Perfect cuticle scent for the summer months approaching. I also love the adorable perfect pocket sized roller ball packaging.

Sassy Cats Lacquer
Product Name: Ada
Price: $10
Cap: None
Brand details: Red crelly with copper shimmer and red micro flakies.

My thoughts: To be honest - I see more of a metallic orange, which I am absolutely in love with.  This gives me orange chrome vibes and I want to put it on my toes for the summer!  Photos show 2 perfect coats with glossy top finish.

Sassy Shark Scent
Product Name: Happy effing Birthday
Price: $7
Cap: 10
Brand details: Birthday Cake shaped and scented air freshener.

My thoughts: So cute and creative!  This was a new-to-me brand and I went and checked out her online and store and found adorable resin creations!  This cake smells delicious and I decided to put it in my mani cave.

Happy effing Birthday!

Tonshi Mountain Studios
Product Name: Zombie Brains
Price: $1.25
Cap: None
Brand details: Blend of peppermint, strawberry, peaches and cream.

My thoughts: On cold sniff, I picked up more peppermint than I expected, but once I melt that brain...(haha, that made me chortle), I got a creamy strawberry and peach scent with just a touch of peppermint.

Melt video. 

Treo Lacquer
Product Name: Nemesis
Price: $11
Cap: 50
Brand details: Neutral crelly with black, red, and dark brown micro glitter and red shimmer.

My thoughts: This is a new-to-me brand and as I applied that first creamy coat, my jaw dropped - it was a 1 coater!  WOW!  This is a unique crelly and am happy to have found a new brand to love.

Venus Lacquers
Product Name: Guest House
Price: $10
Cap: 30
Brand details: Gold topper with a peach undertone, orange holographic glitter and gold holographic flakes.  It can also be built up on it's own.

My thoughts: I used this in 3 different ways.  Pointer is built up with 3 coats for opacity.  Ring finger is a forest green with 1 coat and I LOVE it.  The other 2 fingers are a nude shade with 1 coat and the golden shimmer is perfection.  While I was unable to get any gold flakes from the bottom of the bottle, I loved the remaining components of the polish.

 1 coat over dark green

 1 coat over nude

 3 coats on it's own

Zombie Claw
Product Name: Bio-Organic Weapon
Price: $11
Cap: 16
Brand details: Light orange that shift to gold to green to red with scattered holo.

My thoughts: I love that I can't describe what color this it yellow?  Is it mustard?  Is it orange?  Is it a green?  It is one of those shades that is truly unique.  The finish with that scattered holo is gorgeous!  Photos show 2 coats with glossy finish.

Loves:  I love the wide range of products and brands coming together for the love of gaming.  There are some products I fell in love with and will be a fan going forward as you can tell by my own thoughts.  I also loved that there were some really unique polishes in this box too.

Wishes: I wish there weren't caps, because believe me...some of the capped items will sell out quickly!

All products will be available March 15th at 2pm EST on the Polished Gamers Website.  They will be available for a 5 day pre-order.  Some items are capped, so you will want to act fast!  Shipping is $4 Flat Rate US Domestic, with international being at cost.  Turn around time will be 2-3 weeks post the end of pre-order.

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