Wednesday, May 2, 2018

May Polish Pick Up: Dream Polish Pout Glam Lip Balm

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Polish Pick Up pre-order is just around the corner!  As a reminder - Polish Pick Up is a monthly themed collaboration event.  Seventy+ indie brands (polish, wax, nail care, jewelry made from polish) participate and create an item (or items) inspired by the theme and this month it is totally 90's (for sure!)!  Today I'll be sharing the super "grape" *cough* great lip balm from Dream Polish.

Let's get to the details!

Cost: $3.95
Cap: no cap
Inspiration: The Grape Escape

Pout Glam Lip Balm for this month has a juicy delicious scent/flavor - Grape Squish.  Vanessa, the owner wanted us to think grape Kool-aid on a hot summer day.  I will be honest, my mom was stingy on the sugar in Kool-aid so in my personal taste data bank it is reminiscent of those grape otter pops - SO GOOD!  Grape, sweet and YUMMY!  I will also add that it is cruelty free and vegan!

It is lightly tinted in purple and has a dash of sparkle to bring that 90's vibe all the way home.

Of course I had to add a little boomerang of me applying the delicious otter pop...I mean lip balm.  

Loves: The taste/scent is amazing - this may be my favorite lip balm EVER.  Last month Vanessa killed it with black licorice scented cuticle balm (which I bought 6 back ups) and this month it looks like I will be doing the same!

Wishes: I really want this scent in top coat, cuticle balm and cuticle oil.

As a reminder - all Polish Pick Up products can be purchase on their website May 4th-7th.  Everything is pre-order and $3 flat rate shipping.  Join their Facebook Group to find out all the details!

These will have no cap and will be $3.95 each.

Dream Polish

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  1. Grape soda as a kid was such a treat. We would fight over who got which popsicle too, I only really wanted cherry but when I ended up with grape I'd be very happy.

  2. I had such bad allergies as a kid I had to drink a LOT of Dimetapp so anything grape flavored I think tastes like Dimetapp! LOL

  3. I can't do grape things. Our Dimetapp like Prime Beauty said, was the grape so I always associate those two things! Its so interesting how things like that stick with some and not others. Like my mom I think said when she was a kid most of the medicine she has way cherry which is why she was put off on cherry for a long time!

  4. I am addicted to lip balm. Grape sounds awesome!

  5. Ooh I'm so into it. I'm a lip balm obsessed so this sounds great!!!

  6. You make this lip balm sound so amazing! My chapped lips could use it.

  7. How fun! I just love the shimmer. Unfortunately I'm with Sarah on all things grape. Thany you parents for ruining my life. Dimetapp is cough syrup and is generally grape iirc.

  8. I love a good lip balm esp at night so I wake up with nice hydrated lips

  9. I actually love that artificial grape flavor so I bet I would love this lip balm.

  10. I'm not a grape fan but I love that indies are also moving into lip products because a good balm is essential! I also love this whole month's theme with the 90s... I'm stoked to check out the website!

  11. I want this BECAUSE of my love of Dimetapp. I'll take 5

  12. I grew up with orange and grape soda, today I don't go near the stuff. But this will give me nostalgia and none of the sugar!!

  13. I can't wait to see what flavor comes next month!


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