Thursday, May 31, 2018

June Polish Pick Up: Ribbits Stickits Ready Gamer Nail Decals

Greetings and Nailutations!

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Polish Pick Up (PPU) opens up tomorrow!  If you are new to PPU, it is a shopping experience where a theme is voted on by customers and all brands that offer a product create something around the theme.  This month the theme is Video Games.  Today I'm sharing the 2nd set of items from Ribbits Stickits - 2 fun sheets of gaming nail decals!

Let's get to the manis!

Cap: 150
Includes: 2 sheets of gaming nail decals

Let's start with getting a closer look at the 2 sheets.  The first sheet has fun words and the retro gaming images.

The second sheet has the most adorable characters from classic games.  Mario, Kirby, Pac-Man, Donkey Kong and Zelda!

Now I shall release all my manis on you!  There are so many, so get ready for some decal spam!

This little cute adorable character is Kirby!  I never played a game with Kirby, but I always loved the pink body/pink shoes look.  I admire it's sense of fashion!

Next mani features the classic space invaders!  My husband and I have attended Vid-Con the last few years - where they put all the video arcade games on free play.  We love playing this game along with a few others!

This is my favorite mani!  I love Tetris - it's one of those games that don't require a lot of skill, but you do have to think ahead.  I was able to pair the decals with some Tetris stamping!

 It's Mario!  My first love was Mario, he was confident and risked his life for me.  :)  haha, I had to pair him with a little heart.

My other favorite is this fun Pac-Man mani!  Ghost is after Pac-Man and Pac-Man is after the cherries!

I tried to create a scene from Frogger!  LOL, but the little Frogger isn't actually so little and I'm pretty sure Frogger could flatten that car!

And the last mani I'm closing with the classic NES controller and gameboy.  Oh the good old days of no smart phones and these little bad boys to keep me occupied.

Loves: Kristy knocks it out of the park with both classic and adorable characters in these sheets!  I love the retro look of these!

Wishes: I hope she does a spin off of these sheets!  I want to see Toad, Yoshi, Princess Peach and Bubble Bobble characters!

As a reminder - all Polish Pick Up products can be purchase on their website June 1st - 4th.  Everything is pre-order and $3 flat rate shipping.  Join their Facebook Group to find out all the details!

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  1. My husband is a pinball player and we own several machines plus he belongs to a pinball club with 400 open play machines. I think I could get away with these stickers in his "honor".

  2. I need those pac man decals in my life!! I never had gaming consoles growing up, but I fondly remember getting to play Pac Man at the airport anytime we went to pick up my grandmother. And that is the extent of my video game knowledge up until about 10ish years ago! 😂

  3. So many fun ones! I love the Mario decals!

  4. I order their decals every month, I love the designs!

  5. That Mario mani has me like 🙌🏻😱. It’s so so good

  6. I love this! Pac Man nails would be awesome!

  7. Kirby is so cute! I logged hours on those games.

  8. Those decals are adorable; makes me wish I had more fingernail real estate for them!

  9. Thank you Kristi! You always create magic with your manis! 😍😍😍💚🐸

  10. Probably the cutest decals I have ever seen!

  11. Those stickers are so cute! I love the retro designs.

  12. Oh wow! these are so cool! I need the Tetris and the PAC man

  13. These are so cute! I feel like she really hit it out of the park this month for PPU.

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  15. What cute decals--glad to MS Pacman!

  16. I have no idea why I didn't grab these! You created a ton of cute manis with all of them!


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