Sunday, May 20, 2018

Lacquer Collab Box: Sassy Cats Lacquer Rose Champagne and Berries

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There is a new collaboration box out in the indie world called Lacquer Collab!  It contains 12 brands and each month there will be a new theme.  It is a design your own box so you get just what you want.  This month the theme is Glitter and Glam and I am sharing the contribution from Sassy Cats Lacquer called Rose Champagne and Berries.

Let's get to the details!
Rose Champagne and Berries is a glitter bomb filled with light pink holographic micro glitter, bubble gum pink and light pink small hex glitters.  It can be worn on it's own as a full glitter bomb polish or as a topper with 1 coat providing perfect glitter topper coverage.  Photos below show 1 coat painted on and the 2nd coat sponged on to get full coverage.

I also wanted to share what 1 coat looks like as a topper.

I also had to do some fun berry nail art over the glitter bomb.

This polish is available until the 22nd ($10 with 100 cap) on the Lacquer Collab site and be sure to follow both Lacquer Collab and Sassy Cats Polish to stay up to date on all her releases!

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  1. Stop with your cute art! I love how the darker pink glitter look almost black. It’s a cool effect.

  2. The polish alone is adorable but when you add your strawberry nail art it’s too cute for words 😍

  3. mmm I dont think this is sparkly enough.

  4. I wasn't too sure about this color (at least against my skin tone), but I really love how you transformed it with the strawberries added to it! Such a cute look.

  5. I really like it as a topper over that pale pink! But of course it looks just as pretty on its own.

  6. I love that pink glitter and those strawberries are so cute!

  7. I love the bubble gum look of this glitter bomb!!!!

  8. Wow, glitter bomb! What a beautiful shade.

  9. I wasn't expecting this! I definitely like it as a topper and with your nail art!

  10. The Polish alone looks so beautiful and your nail art made it look even more alluring.. Lovely :)

  11. Those strawberries are just adorable and accents the polish perfectly! Love it!


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