Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Ribbits Stickits Un-Frog-Gettable Glass Frog Peel Off Base Coat

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Do you swatch polishes?  Are you a blogger who is changing their mani daily?  Do you steer clear of glitter polishes because taking it off is such a pain?  Have no fear!  I have an answer for you!  Ribbits Stickits is introducing a new product on Black Friday - Un-Frog-Gettable Glass Frog!  I know, I know, you are thinking - how is a glass frog going to help me?  I will tell you - It's a peel off base coat!  If you aren't familiar with Ribbits Stickits - Kristy the owner, sells vinyls, decals, charms, mats, large vinyls, latex nail barrier and more!

Let's get to the details!

First thing I will mention is that it is latex based, so steer clear if you have an allergy.  For those that can latex it up like me - check this out!  It goes on white, which is perfect so you know where you place it.

It dries perfectly clear, like a Glass Frog!  I mean, look at that adorable little label!

I decided to use it with a glitter.  I didn't see any issues with application and it acted like a base coat.

I even have a some peel photos and video for you!

Loves:  I love that it goes on white so I can see where I place it.  I adore that it dries clear so that it doesn't effect the polish color.  The best part - it makes quick change manis so much easier (less acetone!).

Wishes: Since this is latex base, I hope in the future Kristy comes up with a non-latex based version for those allergic.  I also hope that she starts adding scents!  She has latex barrier in scents too!

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  1. That's so fun! It looks like it peels way better than my yellow stopper does.

  2. This looks like it peels so much easier than the peel-off bases I've gotten in the past!

  3. How long did it wear on you? I find these always peel off in like 12 hours

    1. I used it only for swatching. Kayla used it and kept it one through washing dishes. Once she showered, it started peeling. I think if you want to use it for extended use, you would want to make sure that you don't go to the end of the tip nor to the cuticle. Make sure the polishes adheres to your nail all around.

  4. Good point on non-latex version in the future. This would be a no-no to a lot of people w/ latex allergy

  5. If I did my polish better I'd enjoy this but I'm so klutzy that I want it to last.

  6. Thats a bummer it has latex. I love peel off base coats! I use the Sally Hansen one because it is easy to get and is latex free!

  7. This looks like so much fun! Wish it was latex free

  8. This makes it so easy! I need this - especially because of the cute froggie.

  9. Peel off base is fun and oddly satisfying.

  10. This looks like something I'm going to have to check out. The peel off base coat I've been using only works so so and seems brittle when I peel it off. I like that this one seems pliable during removal.

  11. Sometimes a peel-off base is a lifesaver!

  12. Personally, I don't have a problem using latex, but I know others do. The idea for a latex-free version is great.

  13. I've never tried a 'proper' peel-off base. I've always just used glue!

  14. I'm always intrigued by these but I've never tried a peel off base.


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