Sunday, November 12, 2017

Beauty Bigbang: Lace Starry Holo Nail Foils

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Today I have 16 Lace Laser Starry Holo Nail Foil from Beauty Bigbang to share.  If you want quick and easy nail art with zero mess, then keep reading!

Let's get to the review.

When you order this product - it comes with 16 strips of patterned holo foil.  There are intricate designs from floral swirls to angry skulls!  I show 14 designs here, the other 2 were doubles of some the ones shown.  These are all shown over a black base in filtered light and LED light.  Glue for the foils was from Lantern and Wren.

One of my favorite images was the foil with tigers.  Here is a close up:

I also did a mani with some of the floral images.

I wanted to test out top coat with the images because many times top coat may wrinkle an image and below show 2 tests and I didn't see any issues with adding a top coat.  Left - no top coat, right - top coat.

Loves: These images are gorgeous and the holo is strong in the light.  The images transferred crisply and I loved the look of them over black.

Wishes: I wish there was some indication of which side is "up" and "down", I had a few oopsies when I tried to transfer the image from the wrong side - which I caught on camera on my instagram story.  :)

I have a 10% off coupon for you as well!

Have you tried foils?

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  1. Now these are way cool! Been wanting to try foils a while now.

  2. These are beautiful! I should try some myself

  3. These are so beautiful! I'd definitely enjoy wearing these for many holiday looks!

  4. So many pretty patterns! I wonder if a water based top coat would prevent smearing?

  5. These are gorgeous and I loved being able to see you do it on IG!

  6. These foils are majestic! I need to try them some day.

  7. I actually looked at these earlier, they look very pretty!


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