Monday, November 6, 2017

Big Beautybang: Metallic Foil Leaf

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I have another product from Beauty Bigbang to share.  I have a box of 12 pots of metallic foil in gold, silver, copper and multi-color leaf.  While they have a foil look to them, they are delicate and soft like leaf.

Let's get to the review. *Photo heavy post.*

First let's discuss packaging.  I was really surprised at how much I received!  The product has a total of 12 little jars of foil - 3 in 4 different finishes: gold, silver, copper and multi color.

First mani I did before Halloween, so 3 points (or cookies) if you can see the image that I stamped over the foil.  This is the silver foil leaf that I paired with Zoya Sailor topped with a shiny top coat.

Next I used the gold metallic foil leaf with Ever After Polish Black Magic.  I loved these together so much I had to see what it looked like both with shiny top coat and matte.

One of my favorite looks is using the copper foil leaf with blue.  I used Polish 'M Small Batch #11 and Sally Hansen's Terra-Coppa.

I took the multi-colored foil and used it on it's own and then stamped over it with Black Magic and Delush Swirls and Twirls DP03 Plate.

Loves: I loved playing with a new medium for nail art.  I also loved how much you receive so that I can do a ton more manis!

Wishes: Since foils crinkles with top coats, I wish I had a water based top coat so that it wouldn't have wrinkled.

I have a 10% off coupon for you as well!

Have you used foils or leave foils before?  Do you have any helpful tricks or any water based top coat suggestions?

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  1. Never tried foil in my life, this looks so cool, for realz

  2. So interesting. How long does the manicure last?

  3. I love it on the turquoise version!

  4. LOve the silver foil leaf!!!!

  5. These mani’s are gorgeous and inspire me to try foil. I don’t own any water base top coat, though.

  6. I have this set and love it! I used it in a totally different way! Lol. But I didn't have issues with extra krinkling with top coat. It laid smooth!

  7. I love the manis you came up with using these x

  8. I love the copper and blue combo!!!! So pretty!!!

  9. I feel like metallic leaf is so difficult to work with, but you make it look so easy with these manis!!

  10. Great manicures! The last one with the stamping is my favorite :)

  11. I've never thought I wanted to try foils...but that last manicure of yours has stolen my heart! What a cool idea to put foils underneath a stamping design!

  12. I love how you made these work! The copper is so pretty, and the swirly nail art!

  13. I soooo love these! Need to get my hands on these babies soon


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