Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Ever After Polish Indie Expo VIP and more!

Greetings and Nailutations!

*Press Sample*
This weekend is the first ever Indie Expo Canada!  It's being held in Toronto Canada and Ever After Polish will be in attendance.  Ever After Polish has a full plate with a James Bond inspired VIP polish, a duo paying respects to 007 (double oh-7) and a duo with Tonic Polish inspired by the other secret agent...Austin Powers!  The best thing is that I got to be there in person while the creative juices were flowing and Rachel (co-creator of Ever After Polish) was mixing.  She put me to work and under Tiana's tutelage I was balling bottles, brushing bottles and capping bottles and then playing bottle Tetris in a box to ship to Miranda (co-creator of Ever After Polish) for labeling.

Let's get to the swatches!

  Let's start with the coveted VIP polish - the polish that only those who purchased a VIP bag will receive at the event.  This gorgeous blue glitter crelly is full of silver hex holographic glitters, gold micro flakies/shards and rainbow holographic dust to give it a little extra sparkle.  Why would it need to sparkle so much?  Well because the name of this baby is Diamonds Are Forever.  Photos show 2 creamy coats with shiny top coat.

Shown in natural sunlight - looks slightly darker than it truly is.

Next is the Ever After contribution to the duo with Tonic Polish.  It is called Minty Me (get it??  get it??  haha!).  This mint shimmer polish is filled with pink shimmer and holographic rainbow dust.  Indoors you get a strong pink and outdoors in the sun you get a gorgeous holographic rainbow.  Photos show 3 thin coats to ensure no visible nail line and a shiny top coat.

The last 2 polishes are the James Bond Duo.  There is Spectre Flair, a silver holographic dust and micro flakies polish.  Photos below show 3 coats with shiny top coat.  And then there is the magic of License to Lacquer.  This is shifty polish is so difficult to describe - I picked up green, blue and purple along with a pink shimmer and sparkles of holographic micro shards.  WOW!

Shiny Top Coat: HK Girl fro Glisten and Glow

Loves: I don't believe I could pick a favorite of these 4 - I mean I got to see them from the time they were babies (tadpoles?) in the mixing container as they grew into their toddler years being poured into bottles by their sitter (Tiana) and then I saw them mature as brushes were added and they finally graduated with their caps.  (Yes, inanimate objects have personalities to me.)  :)  I love the originality of all, especially the pink shift in Minty Me and the color shifting of License to Lacquer.

Wishes:  Obviously I wish I could go to Indie Expo Canada for all the polish fun, shopping and workshops but also because Toronto is a beautiful city!

Are you going to IEC?  If you are, be sure to pick up these babies!

Happy Polishing,
Kristi aka BeginNails


  1. These are gorgeous! I'm a little sad to be missing out on the Expo, but it's just too much travel right now.

    1. You have been traveling a lot! I can't wait to see what you pick up & get into at Cosmo Prof. :)

  2. Gorgeous swatches, I can't wait to see them in person on Sunday!

  3. I love the first's like the perfect pair of comfy jeans.

  4. These four are super pretty. I was supposed to go To IEC but had to cancel

  5. These are beautiful! They somehow remind me of Cinerella's gown :)

  6. Minty Me is incredible! I do love them all though.

  7. These are all beautiful! I wish I could make a trip up north to snag them.

  8. Holy Moly, License to Lacquer has so much going on - I need a shifty polish with all these elements.

  9. I need Diamonds are Forever right now!!!! So much love for that one!!!

  10. I love the coarse sparkle in Diamonds Are Forever!

  11. Replies
    1. I agree, the softness and the name have my heart.

  12. Some really beautiful polishes, lovely swatches as always Hun x


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