Thursday, June 16, 2016

Mitty Easy Peel Off Mani Tape Review

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Today I am sharing a new product from Mitty - Easy Peel Off Mani Tape.  This product isn't like anything I have ever tried.  Easy Peel Off Mani Tape is very flexible and almost like a "second skin."  It's purpose is to help clean up after nail art that has the possibility to get all over your skin.  It completely conforms to your surrounding nail to make clean up a breeze. They come in an assortment of colors and ship from Australia.

Now let's get to some manis!

First I needed to test the product with a holo gradient and stamping (double whammy!).  I was able to get the Mani Tape up to my cuticle line for the utmost protection.  It did take me a few tries to get the Mani Tape located where I wanted it because the product is more flexible than what I am used to.  I was really impressed at how little clean up I needed once it was removed!!  For this mani I used Respect and Humility from K*Sea Gale's Nails, then I stamped with Drip Drop Nail Paint's Yoga Pants, Uberchic UC 6-03 plate and a Clear Jelly Stamper all topped with Gem Glam Top Coat from Dream Polish.

Next I attempted to do a splatter mani - which always make a mess all over your nails (as well as the surrounding work area).  I new this would be a great test because I'm basically "spitting" polish all over my nails and there was a large chance it would leak under the Mani Tape.  And.....once I was done I needed just 1 touch up!  WOW!  This mani started with DDNP's Yoga Pants as the base and I splattered K*Sea Gale's Nails Truth, Love and Wisdom and finally topped it with Gem Glam Top Coat from Dream Polish.

I also did a vinyl mani sponging on black - which can really do a number on your cuticles for clean up if there is any seepage.  I had absolutely ZERO black seep under the Easy Peel Off Mani Tape!  Base is Bliss Polish Miles' Friend, vinyls were from Nails Redesigned and I sponged on Drip Drop Nail Paint's Yoga Pants all topped with Gem Glam Top Coat from Dream Polish.

The last mani I did some stamping.  The Easy Peel Off Mani Tape worked wonders and kept my skin and cuticles gold free from the stamping polish!  I used Pretty Jelly Polish Sparklers, rhinestones from Nails Redesigned, Nail Jewelry Bling shells, M Polishes Bells, It Girl Nail Art IG108 Plate, Clear Jelly Stamper and Gem Glam Top Coat from Dream Polish.

Loves:  This product required little to no clean up around the cuticle after the base was placed down.  The time Easy Peel Off Mani Tape saves for nail art is two-fold.  First, if you use a liquid latex, you have to wait for it to dry (and sometimes apply 2 coats for it to peel off easier) and second, you have almost no clean up.  This is due to the amazing material being flexible and conforming to your skin covering every nook and cranny.  I also love that they come in a variety of colors too.  Another great thing about this product is that if you are allergic to latex - this is a wonderful option for you.

Wishes:  I wouldn't change anything with this product.  It did take me 2 or 3 attempts to really get the hang of applying the product since it's much more flexible - but that is no big.

Now - be sure to be following my Instagram/Facebook/YouTube because I will be having random giveaways for this product for others to try it.  I loved it so much, that I bought some and need to share!  I will also be sharing the tutorials of these on my YouTube channel too!

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  1. These sound fabulous, especially for people who may have latex allergies! I bet once you get application down, they are fabulous!

  2. These sound like I have been needing them my whole life. I SUCK at manicures and I totally need these little tapes. I also love that they are perfect for everyone including people allergic to latex. Super cool and a must have! Gorgeous manis too!

  3. Wooow its an amazing product!!! I really want to try it !!
    Love your manis ❤️

  4. hmmmm. You have my attention, madame.

  5. This sounds fantastic! I love the idea of an easy to remove tape that'll clean everything up. It LOOKED very thin and flimsy. I am curious...can you only use it once? Or can you reuse it a few times? Maye you already said if so, but I must've missed it :-/

  6. I like the concept of these... they sound and look easy for manis... but man oh man those manis... I'm in love.

  7. What an innovative concept. And your nail art... Love it.

  8. These are definitely a superb way to get your manis done in a easy and mess free way. Going to try these ones for sure. Your nails shape are very pretty <3

  9. These are so intriguing. I hate the dry time of liquid latex and it dries out my cuticles so badly.

  10. I really must get some of these! They look amazing gorgeous manis x

  11. They look great. Very nicely reviewed

  12. They look great. Very nicely reviewed

  13. I've seen these on instagram over the last week or so and they look fab!

  14. These are such a good idea! No more sticking my fingers together with latex lol! I love all of the mani's you created :) x

  15. I find that these roll the second I take them off the packaging, which makes them really hard to position.
    Do you have any tips on how to avoid this?


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