Tuesday, January 19, 2016

3 Empties: LUSH Shower Jelly, Fortune Cookie Deodorant and EOS Lip Gloss

Greetings and Nailutations,

It's another installment of 3 empties, where I review 3 products I have used up and express my opinion on how well they worked, how they smelled, their packaging and if I'd make a repeat purchase.

The first product is an EOS lip balm.  I am late to the game and only just started using this product.  I felt like my lips got dryer as I used it and had to use it more....catch 22 of the product?  Keeps you using the product?  Clever EOS....very clever.

Smell Test:  light strawberry scent and flavor
Feel Test applied ok, but lips felt dry 5 minutes later.
Packaging Test:  creative packaging, that stands out, however it makes it not convenient to carry in your pocket
Buy Again:  I will pass on buying this again.  I made the mistake of buying a 3-pack!  Now I need to use up the remaining 2 (I put them on before bed so I'm sleeping and don't notice dry lips).

The next product I tried was Fortune Cookie Soap Deodorant.  I actually had to stop using this product (as you see below in the photo it isn't empty) because I had a bad reaction to it.

Smell Test:  smelled nice and fruity and clean, almost like tropical drink, I really liked the scent
Feel or Look Test:  Felt wet and didn't seem to dry at all when applied, even with the use of a hair dryer
Packaging: Adorable little container, which works perfect for travel
Buy Again:  I'm afraid I have to say I would not buy this product again.  My skin under my arms started turning red, it became itchy and peeled after 3 days of use.  I'm not sure what ingredient I was reacting to, but I have never had a bad reaction to any deodorant before.  I was disappointed because I loved the scent and the packaging.

The last product was a LUSH product, which normally I am really excited about and happy to use.  This product was in a gift box I had purchased for myself.  It's called Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly.  It's just that...a jelly.  This has the be the WEIRDEST product I have ever used.

Smell Test:  sweet and soft, almost reminiscent of a strawberry shortcake doll from back in the day
Feel or Look Test:  It had the consistency of a jello shot....it was rubbery and as you tore off pieces and worked it into your loofa, it would become soapy and foamy.  It also contained glitter, which doesn't mix well with showers and trying to clean yourself.  
Packaging: it came in a 3.5oz screw off plastic tub
Buy Again: No thank you, I only like my jelly in a sandwich or as a polish on my nails.  haha

Have you tried any of these products?  What are your thoughts?

Happy Polishing,
Kristi aka @BeginNails


  1. I find all of this to be very helpful. I have looked at those little lip balms for a while I think I'll pass if it causes drying.

    Also the glitter jelly in the shower seems odd and kind of counter productive. Thanks for the info!!

    1. Hi Sheena! Yah, the packaging for eos is really what entices a lot of people (including me!), but it isn't easy to carry around in my pocket and overall product wasn't my fave. I totally agree....showering with glitter?? Just...no. :)

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