Sunday, November 29, 2015

K2 Nail Paint Swatch and Review

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Today I am sharing a new-to-me indie brand called K2 Nail Paint.  I received 5 colors and a 3-free fast drying top coat.  K2 Nail Paint's products are all 5-free (aside from the fast drying top coat) and that includes a 5-free top coat as well.

Now let's get to some swatches!

First up is Casualty, a red jelly polish.  It applied nicely and photos show 3 thin coats with K2 Nail Paint's 3-free top coat called Rapide.

Next up is Navy Yard, a deep royal blue jelly.  The initial Navy Yard I received had pigment issues, but after an email, K2 owners were quick to send a replacement, an extra polish and apologies.  It's always good when a small business is quick to fix a problem.  The formula on the replacement was perfection.  Photos show 3 thin coats with Rapide top coat from K2 Nail Paint.

Diamond Girl is a holographic glitter polish in a clear base.  Diamond Girl is seen in the photos with 3 coats for semi-opacity topped with Rapide.  It can also be used as a holographic topper to any color to add some pizazz.

Next is Penny Loafer, a copper shimmery satin polish.  This is the perfect fall color and was opaque in 1 coat, but I did 2 coats because that is what I do.  The color is absolutely gorgeous.  A light hand will reduce any streaks that are sometimes seen on shimmer polishes.

The last polish is Sugar Plum, a purple-magenta jelly.  The formula was amazing and applied easily.  Photos show 3 coats with Rapide Top Coat.

I also selected Rapide, a 3-free fast drying top coat.  I was really impressed with Rapide and after swatching (10 mins) I was able to stamp and use vinyls without any polish being pulled up.  I plan on using it for a while to see if the performance is consistent throughout the bottle life.

Loves: I love the 3-free Top Coat, Rapide and it's fast drying properties as well as the amazing shine it leaves on my nails.  I am really impressed with it!   I can't wait to continue using it and seeing if the initial reaction sticks with me.  I also really loved the jelly polishes (Sugar Plum, Navy Yard and Casualty).  They are perfect for jelly glitter sandwiches and pond manis!  I also love the customer service from K2 owners.

Wishes:  I wish I had gotten more jellies!

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  1. I was looking at these the other day on Etsy lol I love them I hope they come out with more colors

    1. They have some new ones that are super fun! :)


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